Threshold – For The Journey

September 19, 2014 in Reviews by Chris Foley

Threshold - For The Journey

Threshold For The Journey (2014)

Reviewed by Christopher Foley

Any year that brings a new Threshold album is one where you’ll find me raving about its brilliance. This is a band I’ve been able to depend upon since first hearing, and one which without fail meets and/or exceeds expectations every time. I’d even go as far as to say that Threshold is the finest act playing progressive metal, but that may just be the fan-boy inside screaming out. However, this level of professionalism, overall quality, and superior product is one I dare anyone to defy. For The Journey is very much business as usual for the lads from Surrey, building upon the glistening spires of what came before.
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Viathyn – Cynosure

September 18, 2014 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Viathyn - CynosureViathyn - Cynosure (2014)

Reviewed by Daniel Millard

I’ve been kicking and screaming for a new Viathyn since reviewing this Calgary-based power metal outfit’s debut in late 2010. At that time, The Peregrine Way was one of the more novel experiences to have emerged from the Canadian power metal scene, and a refreshing, liberating sort of recording by any measure. Four years later, the quartet has stepped up with a loose conceptual album, entitled Cynosure, and added a substantial level of maturation to its sound.
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Godsmack – 1000HP

September 17, 2014 in Reviews by Sebastian Kluth

Godsmack-1000hp-album-coverGodsmack1000hp (2014)

Reviewed by Sebastian Kluth

Godsmack is one of the few hard rock-infused American nu metal bands that is still alive and well more than one and a half decades after its convincing self-titled debut release. While bands like Alter Bridge and Staind are long forgotten, formations like Limp Bizkit or Puddle of Mudd are only on the news for negative things, and groups like Korn and Linkin Park reinvent themselves in more or (usually) less convincing manners on every new album, Godsmack hasn’t changed its original approach, but sounds still fresh and regularly hits the charts. 1000hp is probably the band’s strongest offering since Faceless, eleven years earlier, which included anthems like “Straight Out Of Line”, “I Stand Alone”, “Re-Align”, and “Serenity”: a group of tunes that any rock and metal fan should know.

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