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Welcome, metal fans, to Black Wind Metal.

We’ve been kicking around in one form or another, with an ever-changing lineup of writers and contributors, since October of 2010.  Founded by two friends with a mutual love of heavy metal and its offerings of melody, artistic expression, and independent thought, Black Wind has always been dedicated to the discovery and exposure of great heavy metal the world around.

Black Wind Is

  • Independent. You’ll find no blatant band, label, or industry bootlicking here. If we love something, it’s our own admiration showing through.
  • Authoritative. Our opinions are our own, but you’ll not find a staff with more expertise in their chosen field of music than ours.
  • Varied. We focus on power and progressive metal, and within these fields, listen to and cover everything from flagship artists to basement recording projects.
  • Impartial. We do not prioritize any particular ideological agenda, and don’t hold pre-conceived notions based on religion, race, etc..
  • Committed. We really love listening to, talking about, and writing about our favorite music.
  • Power Metal. In particular, we carry ourselves as the web’s pre-eminent site for power metal criticism.

Black Wind Is Not

  • A paid gig. We don’t make money doing this.
  • “In it for the free music.” We frequently purchase the music that we’ve already heard promotionally for free.
  • A bunch of random people with opinions. If you read often enough, you’ll learn that most of us have been attached to the industry for some time.

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