Therion – Theli

October 24, 2014 in Artist Rewind, Reviews by Sebastian Kluth

Therion5Therion - Theli (1996)

Reviewed by Sebastian Kluth

Therion’s Theli may be the most essential symphonic metal album ever released. It’s the kind of work that is necessary to listen to at least once in a lifetime of fandom. It’s an album worth exploring thoroughly for Therion fans, as it exists in many different versions and formats including bonus tracks and even additional live cuts. I’m aware of the fact that many bands experimented with heavy metal music and symphonic elements. Let’s cite Lizzy Borden’s Master Of Disguise or Savatage’s Gutter Ballet - which were both released in 1989, and followed by others. What makes Theli stand out among these other ambitious releases is the consequent will to fuse operatic and symphonic elements with doom, gothic, and even power metal in equal parts to invent something extremely courageous and completely unrivaled in originality. It’s something new from an intellectual point of view, but also from an atmospheric and technical approach. Sophisticated tracks including dark and raw vocals, full choirs, gripping riffing, vivid rhythm work, and the crowning keyboard orchestrations. Classical music and heavy metal have rarely come into such close contact as on this release. At a time when the metal scene seemed to be waning in power, bands like Amorphis, Moonspell, and Therion kept an entire scene alive with their determined approach to inventing and reinventing themselves with each new release.

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Kaledon – Antillius: The King Of The Light

October 22, 2014 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Kaledon - Antillius The King Of The LightKaledon - Antillius: King Of The Light

Reviewed by Daniel Millard

Well, this does it. Kaledon’s last release, Altor: The King’s Blacksmith was no fluke. As “trite” and “unnecessary” as those who do not appreciate the band’s style may decry the group. One of Italy’s long-running fantasy hosts has weathered the storm of criticism, putting one foot in front of the other and gradually improving with almost each new release. After the release of the surprisingly pleasant Altor after a slough of what I consider to be fairly uninspired fantasy power releases, 2013 saw a new drummer and, most notably, the replacement of longtime keyboard player Daniele Fuglini with fresh blood. I was concerned upon reading this that the changes may have destabilized a band that was finally beginning to witness the fruits of its labor, but the new members (and indeed, the entire band) have come through in fine fashion.
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by Dagg

Creation’s End – Metaphysical

October 21, 2014 in Reviews by Dagg

Creations End Metaphysical

Creation’s End - Metaphysical

Reviewed by Mark Nagy

Creation’s End is an American progressive metal band featuring Mike DiMeo of Riot and Masterplan fame, as well as Marco Sgofli from James LaBrie’s Mullmuzzler. While I say progressive metal, this really exists somewhere between melodic prog metal and straight up traditional heavy metal. The band’s second album, Metaphysical, is dominated by mid-tempo and upper mid- tempo tracks built upon DiMeo’s versatile voice and Sfolgi’s rather excellent shredding. Occasionally, this will be paired with some really effective hooks, but it’s nowhere near consistent enough to warrant much attention unless you’re already a fan of the musicians involved.

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