Frosthammer – Nexus Of Time

October 4, 2011 in Reviews by blackwindmetal


Nexus of Time


I’ve reviewed three demos from this British Colombian symphonic black metal quartet in the past, and given them positive reviews, increasing in score as time went on. Well, this is the debut full length album and I have to say, Marrowvile, Ravengrim, Necrodruid, and Goatkreig have done it again! They have managed to surpass their past efforts (again) and release a very promising first full-length album!

Stylistically this is fairly similar to previous works, but with a bit of a twist. There is more of a death metal influence here as there are meatier, catchier riffs, and less of the typical black metal tremolo. Frosthammer has always used a fair amount of clean guitar, and there is not much of a change here, as they pull them out quite often to add a sense of atmosphere and eeriness, as well as another dimension to their sounds. The orchestral effects are few and far between but very well placed, like in “One From Many” and a section of “Nexus of Time”. The piano makes a couple appearances, and adds, very much like the clean guitars, a creepy atmosphere.

There is a much greater sense of melody in this album compared to the band’s older works, and this is showcased perfectly in “Song of the Rose”, a beautiful instrumental. Lyrically, this album is conceptually based on Stephan King’s “Dark Tower” series, but is ultimately anti-industrialist. This is different from the typical lyrical themes of black metal, which is fresh and enjoyable. Vocally, this album is very similar to older Frosthammer, with frequent switching between growls and clean vocals. The cleans still bother me a bit; they’ve improved and aren’t used as much, but they still irk me. I have to mention the two “End of an Age” songs, as they’re just brilliant. They really personify what Frosthammer is all about. Add to these  “Song of the Rose” whose beauty cannot go unnoticed.

This album is available via free download from the bands website. That’s right! For nothing, you can hear multi-dimensional symphonic black metal that rivals the giants of the genre! This album highly recommended for fans of symphonic black metal or just metal in general. LONG LIVE THE UNDERGROUND!

Nick’s Rating 4.25/5