A Power-Riffic Hallow’s Eve

November 1, 2011 in Thematic Playlist by blackwindmetal

We decided at the last moment that it wouldn’t be very metal for us to not have made a playlist for Halloween. So some of us have dug through out favorite tunes and tossed out a few that we found appropriate:

Iced Earth – Wolf

The Story: The story of the wolf man, based on the 1941 movie starring Bela Lugosi. The chorus
recites a poem from that film.

The Horror: “Wolf” opens Iced Earths theme album “Horror Show” with an ominous lead intro, to
which Schaffer’s typical chugging riffs and Barlow’s typical nasally wail are added. A dark and evil
song culminating in a stunning chorus with Barlow howling at the full moon at the top of his lungs.
Man may become a wolf from listening to this song alone.


Savage Circus – Evil Eyes

The Story: It would seem that the world is coming to an end in hellish fire, while some malignant
watchers look on at the chaos and destruction. “Apocalyptical Voyeurs” could have been an alternate

The Horror: These guys are not called Savage Circus without reason. Their first exposure to the
world of metal was a full-blown riff attack, crammed with shimmering melodies and an appropriately
climactic doomsday chorus. Jens Carlsson’s growling and snarling voice snaps at you from every side,
a man able of ripping the flesh of your bones with just one note. Exaggeration or not? Find out, base


Pyramaze – Sleepy Hollow

The Story: Why that would be Washington Irving’s “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”, wouldn’t it?
The tale of the headless horseman, hacking of heads in the charming village of Sleepy Hollow, most
famously adapted by Tim Burton in his 1999 film, starring Johnny Depp as protagonist Ichabod Crane
and an utterly memorable Christopher Walken as the decapitated Hessian.

The Horror: Have acoustic guitars ever been eerier than in the opening seconds of this song? The
demonic voice-over that follows isn’t nearly as creepy, enough said. Except for the repeated “Will
you lose your head?” Yuk. Former singer Lance King portrays Ichabod Crane as the rational
investigator confronted more and more with supernatural occurrences. We follow him as he slowly
discovers the secret of the headless horseman and it’s a very atmospheric and fittingly haunting

Bloodbound – Behind The Moon

The Story: Unspecified, but it seems to be about crawly creatures coming from behind the moon at
night. Never knew there was something behind there other than, you know, silence, darkness and
millions of dollars worth of malfunctioning NASA-equipment.

The Horror: A fairly upbeat song, but it’s Urban Breed’s description that makes this one quite terrifying. It’s about fear of the unknown and unseen, and the dread of oncoming danger and
despair. The lyrics here are very effective and it makes us mourn the current state of Bloodbound,
joyfully headbanging in Moria.

Morton – Werewolf Hunt

The Story: Werewolves running amock, biting people and making friends the way they do.

The Horror: As vicious as an actual attack by lycanthropes, Morton nails the panic and terror of
someone being chased by such beasties, from the sinister keyboard intro to the machine gun riffing.
I just hope there are silver bullets in there. Zing! You really almost feel the caress of their jaws,
foaming at the mouth, fangs glistering with blood, eyes set to madness, howling at the full moon et

Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

The Story: Bruce is afraid of the dark? Well, at least someone in Iron Maiden was.

The Horror: Despite being very rational, “Fear of the Dark” lays out the fears of everyone that has crossed a back alley, slipped through silent woods, or walked a lonely road by the light of the moon. No list of creepy songs is really complete with Iron Maiden’s expression of one of humanity’s primal fears.


Powerwolf – Night Of The Werewolves

The Story: Werewolves frequent the lyrics and themes of Powerwolf (is the name a coincidence?), and if there was ever a power metal band that lent itself so perfectly to the theme of Halloween, it’s Powerwolf, right down to the awful corpsepaint.

The Horror: “This is the night of the werewolves, run for your lives! This is the night, never get out alive!” The desperation and frantic thoughts of vain flight fill the mind as the chorus hits, and escape from its melodic assault is as impossible as the band would suggest.


Adagio – Children Of The Dead Lake

The Story: Adagio has been pumping out eerie prog metal since their inception, and the past couple of albums have only solidified their role as masters of the macabre and esoteric evil.

The Horror: As if the title wasn’t creepy enough, Adagio have crafted a song to chill the soul. As “Twilight rings nightmare bells”, the children come to the dead lake, mesmerized by the spell which binds them forever to the cold embrace of the water.


Mercyful Fate – A Dangerous Meeting

The Story: A song about seven friends who think it would be fun to use a ouija board. They end up conjuring some nasty-ass demon thingy, and they end up in a trance-like state. Oh, and I think they die.

The Horror: What, a fun night of friends turns into conjuring a murderous demon and that isn’t enough for you? If you’re looking for much worse, go find yourself some Carach Angren.



Helloween – Halloween

The Story: Not to be left off the list which inspired their name and their epic, the elder statesment of German power metal rise this evening with their whimsical journey through the perilous streets of town on one of the most unpredictable nights of the year.

The Horror: An enormous malevolant pumpkin, bearing a hollow grin.