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June 18, 2013 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Advent Of The Sun

Advent Of The Sun
Advent Of The Sun
Reviewed by Daniel Millard

Advent Of The Sun is a fledgling group from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a place that one doesn’t exactly spring to mind when one thinks about heavy metal. However, this fivesome has aspirations and, judging from the contents of this self-titled EP, is putting a fair amount of work into making a name for themselves. I’ve seen this group’s music described about half a dozen different ways, and I would classify it generally as melodic progressive metal.

Which, as most readers are probably aware, is up my alley, and this is some fairly good material. I was immediately encouraged by the lead vocals. Christopher Brooks does not try to work outside his station: he has a smooth, pleasant voice, does not strain his quite satisfactory range, and boasts a clear tone that is, if anything, not prominent enough in the music at times. These vocals, along with the glossy, modern synths, the very proficient guitar work, and general atmosphere of tight musicianship, are easily the group’s strongest assets.

I have only two complaints, and both relatively minor. The first are the harsh backing vocals of Bryan Thompson. They aren’t poor, and they aren’t particularly out of place, but the only instance in which I find them actively enhancing the music is during the chorus of “Haunted” – possibly the finest song on this EP – supplementing an excellent, flowing chorus with an infusion of power metal speed and percussive work, and just the right amount of harshness. Other than this section, I find them distracting and unnecessary – the musicianship and clean vocals are easily enough to carry the band. Secondly, the pair of instrumental tracks, “Exogenesis” and “Redshift”, aren’t interesting enough to keep me attentive through their duration (I miss the vocals) and, as these songs account for roughly a third of all play time, it feels like a long time to only be partially engaged.

Otherwise, this is surprisingly engaging and well-executed progressive metal. If this band has indeed only been active for a few months, and they’ve already achieved this sort of chemistry, there could be very good things on the horizon. Vocal melodies are memorable, synths are spacey and cool, and I can’t really even say that this is rough around the edges. It’s not quite as punchy as I’d like it (especially the guitars), but I don’t foresee anyone ragging on this for production. All in all, a more-than-respectable effort that defies the patronization that is often thrown at “young bands”. I recommend this for fans of melodic prog, especially those that like to walk the line with power metal at times, and anyone who likes to see some solid metal instrumental work (3-5 minute tracks, not just intros or segues) mixed in with more standard songs.

3.5 // 5