Angband – Saved From The Truth

September 25, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg

Saved From The Truth

It’s occasionally fashionable to hate on Fabio Lione, Timo Kotipelto, or James LaBrie in metal circles. I happen to be a fan of all three (Though I understand the hatred of LaBrie on some occasions), but these are really just what some see as a dark spot on an otherwise bright band. None of them hold a candle to how unbearably bad Angband’s lead singer sounds. I’d like to say that this is just an exaggeration of the previous principle of what I was just describing, and that he’s an awful singer ruining an otherwise great band, but the band sucks too.

Reviewing Saved From The Truth was a painful endeavor, but as The Protagonist might put it, I was asking for it. In fact, I was actually asking for this, knowing full well what an awful album it would be. For those who remember, we reviewed Angband’s previous effort, and I’d like to agree with essentially everything in that review. If there are rabid fans of Visions Of The Seeker, they need not fear Saved From The Truth being a radical departure. There are however, improvements in a few regards. For one, Angband does show mercy, in that one song, “Persia”, is without vocals. There’s some moderately cool low-fi percussion/drum work going on in the song, but a good amount of that might be the relief of “unique garbage” versus “absolute garbage”.

As an objective fan with the world of metal at your fingertips, there is positively no good reason to be listening to Angband. The songwriting is very inadequate, the vocals are painfully poor, the production is mediocre at best, and the experience is, on the whole, excruciating. I can name you exactly one justification for the existence of Angband, and it is entirely geographic. For every American who has watched melodic metal tour announcements in Europe for their favorite bands (who often come nowhere near the shores of the United States), we will travel farther for lesser bands for that live experience. Occasionally we’ll get lucky with a Hellish Rock tour, but much more often the case is just to miss the opportunity completely (a la Seven Sinners). Being from Iran, and sad as this may be, Angband is perhaps the best this small fanbase may ever see. For them, perhaps it’s worth it, but if you have the opportunity to be listening to nearly anything else, I suggest you do so.

Dagg’s Rating: 0.5 out of 5