One of our ongoing projects here at Black Wind is good coverage of major metal artists. Now, as a young site we’re just getting started on this project, but we’ve got a few writers dedicated to tackling the catalogues of individual bands. You can visit this page regularly to check on the progress that we’re making with various artists. When reviewing an artist’s full catalog, we move sequentially, but whether we start at their first or latest album is up to the individual reviewer. Here you can get a brief overview of our thoughts on the albums, as well as links to full reviews of each.


Axel Rudi Pell – Kevin Hathaway

Blind GuardianMark Nagy

Crystal EyesDaniel Millard

Dark Moor – Daniel Millard

Freedom CallArno Callens

Gamma RayKylie McInnes

Iron MaidenKylie McInnes

Rage – Daniel Millard

TýrSebastian Kluth


Angra – Daniel Millard

AvantasiaArno Callens

Brainstorm – Chris Foley

Edguy – Arno Callens

Helloween – Tom Hirschboeck

Mob RulesArno Callens

(Luca Turilli’s) Rhapsody (Of Fire)Graham Henry

Stratovarius – Mark Nagy

Virgin SteeleChris Foley

4 thoughts on “Artist Rewinds

  1. patredux says:


    here’s a request – how about an Anubis Gate rewind?

    • blackwindmetal says:

      It’s in the works actually! New writer Jeff is working up a review for “Horizons” right now, and will be taking on an Anubis Gate rewind to follow.

  2. Vitor Ribeiro says:

    I was sure you guys had an Iced Earth rewind!
    How about work on that?
    I just can’t make my mind on them, the ones I like I really do, but the one’s I dont, I simply hate!

  3. pat redux says:

    Just in case you all get bored: Light Bringer. There seems to be a huge Japanese power metal scene that gets largely ignored everywhere else, or maybe it just gets subsumed by the Visual Kei thing. Light Bringer really really impressed me with their last album Scenes of Infinity: they’re crazy good musicians, the singer has heaps of enthusiasm, and the songs are poppy, catchy power metal.

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