Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian

Reviewed by: Mark Nagy (Dagg)

Battalions of Fear (1988)

Fairly mediocre as far as debuts go, the band had wrote a few gems with a lot of filler, it’s a great museum exhibit for a band that would become legendary, but largely forgettable on its own

Follow the Blind (1989)

Faster than the predecessor, and a bit more consistent, once again there’s a single immortal classic, but the supporting cast of songs just doesn’t hold up in quality

Tales from the Twilight World (1990)

At last the band begins to discover its musical identity. Stronger melodies are on display, and the band has begun to discover its love for choirs, middle earth, and consistently catchy songs.

Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)

A bit of an awkward point in the development, while not as consistent as Tales, it’s best songs were better than anything the band had released, it just didn’t quite fit together as a great full length album.

Imaginations From the Other Side (1995)

This is where the band leaves behind being merely good enough and fully embraces greatness. Hansi puts on display why he’s one of the genre’s premier vocalists, and the rest of the band follows suit in improvement.

Nightfall In Middle-Earth (1998)

A Night At The Opera (2002)

A Twist In The Myth (2006)

At The Edge Of Time (2010)

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