Reviewed by: Chris Foley

Brainstorm have always been a charming act, and over the years have continued to grow on me. Here I will cover their entire discography up to date in hope of further spreading the word about this awesome band.

Hungry (1997)

Brainstorm claw their way up from the underground to unleash their dark and heavy debut.

Unholy (1998)

 Marcus Jürgens’ swansong. A mighty slab o’ thrashing power metal.

Ambiguity (2000)

Finding their feet and introducing Andy B. Franck.

Metus Mortis (2001)

 Maybe the first ‘true’ Brainstorm release. Establishing a lot of the formula the band would apply through the rest of their discography.

Soul Temptation (2003)

Along with Liquid Monster, probably the best-known Brainstorm release. A product of it’s time, and essential for the power metal fan.

Liquid Monster (2005)

My introduction to the band, and what could be deemed a typical Brainstorm album.

Downburst (2008)

 After taking a short breather Brainstorm returned with one of their most complete releases to date.

Memorial Roots (2009)

With a change in production style Brainstorm brought forth an album which benefits best from repeated spins.

On The Spur Of The Moment (2011)

The latest Brainstorm release, whilst not as strong as the last two albums, could stand as a good place for a new listener to start.

Firesoul (2014)

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