Reviewed by: Arno Callens

Naming one band as your favorite is never easy and only in case someone threatened to blow up the enormous jester-shaped mansion of Tobias Sammet if I didn’t answer the bloody question truthfully would I admit it is Edguy. Thinking about it, that makes no sense. Anyway, in honor of the fools from Fulda I decided to review their entire back catalogue from Savage Poetry until Age Of The Joker. Welcome to the freakshow.

Savage Poetry (1995)

The band in its baby shoes, coincidentally not that far-fetched as they were only seventeen upon releasing this. A promising debut of grand but easily digestible power metal with a sharp sense of wit.

Kingdom Of Madness (1997)

A step down before the big leap into power metal heaven. A lousy production and questionable vocals let this album down even though the material itself is interesting and diverse.

Vain Glory Opera (1998)

The time for Edguy’s rise to fame has come. Pompous and operatic, packed with delicious melodies and meaningful lyrics. This album also marks the birth of their first pure hit with the unforgettable title track.

Theater Of Salvation (1999)

A masterpiece of glorious and inspired power metal, combining sensational songwriting with skillful instrumentation and a call for individuality of spirit. From the opera to the theater, Edguy has risen through the ranks to become one of Germany’s greatest power metal poets.

The Savage Poetry (2000)

Round two for Edguy’s debut, a welcome rerecording that does the material justice and fits in nicely with the band’s recent power metal winning streak. It’s power and majesty come again.

Mandrake (2001)

Building effectively on the melodic foundations of Theater Of Salvation, Mandrake introduces a more diverse spread of songs, ranging from a stately mid-tempo to scorching speed, from small scale to blown up epics. A highlight of their power metal period and the last one before the flirtation with hard rock and heavy metal could begin.

King Of Fools EP (2004)

A value-for-money EP offering diverse material and some truly standout songs. It also has the single greatest meta-referential bonus track ever (as if there were more than one).

Hellfire Club (2004)

The first step in a new direction, but still firmly rooted in classic German power metal. Heavy, diverse and utterly memorable, Hellfire Club brings all the hell and fire its title implies.

Superheroes EP (2005)

Amping up the comedy in preparation for the silliness of Rocket Ride, Edguy deliver a diverse set of songs headlined by one of their more memorable mini-epics.

Rocket Ride (2006)

Off to the nuthouse with Edguy’s most outrageously comedic album which between all the helicopter rants and tropical island adventures still boasts some gripping material albeit in a slightly less power metal and slightly more hard rock fashion.

Tinnitus Sanctus (2008)

Even less traditional power metal on this one, but instead a hybrid that also contains hard rock and heavy metal. Independent, ballsy and introspective, Tinnitus Sanctus may be the odd one out of their discography, it’s still a mighty fine Edguy-album.

Age Of The Joker (2011)

A greatest hits-album with signs of the more recent hard rock-approach and throwbacks to the glorious power metal of old. This album has something to offer for anyone who was ever into Edguy.

Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown (2014)

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