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Reviewed by: Arno Callens

Stairway To Fairyland (1999)

Gamma Ray gets a happy-go-lucky little brother in Freedom Call, a child of the second wave of German power metal. Boasting boisterous melodies and an unbeatable sense of joy, the newcomers on the rich and flourishing scene escape Kai Hansen’s shadow sufficiently to stand on their own, but their roots are still firmly buried in Teutonic earth.

Crystal Empire (2001)

Detaching itself from Gamma Ray’s shadow, Freedom Call bursts into the sunlight with a second offering that cements the promises of the first. A resounding volume of immortal hymns, not the least of which is the band’s eponymous rallying cry of barren souls.

Eternity (2002)

Stairway ascended, Empire built, Freedom Call reaches for Eternity. As huge as the smile on Chris Bay’s face every day of the week, Eternity is a testament to positive thinking, an upbeat look at life, and above all shimmering and shiny power metal. Pessimists it won’t turn, but optimists it will strengthen, and a classic for every aspiring power metal collection is born.

The Circle Of Life (2005)


Dimensions (2007)


Legend Of The Shadowking (2010)


Land Of The Crimson Dawn (2012)


Beyond (2014)

A triumphant return of kings after a long foray into strangeness. Beyond goes above and, jumping and carrying on through a greatest hits of the band’s classic discography. I have never been happier to have the happiest of the happy back in a way that blasts every radio that ever rocked into oblivion.

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