Reviewed by: Kylie McInnes

I remember my first experience with Gamma Ray: someone uploaded Power Plant to my Hotline server, saying that I might enjoy it.  Yeah, I kind of enjoyed it, along with the rest of their catalog!  (Although some more enjoyed than others)  The Awesome Foursome are one of the most influential and successful power metal acts in the world, and here’s a few good reasons why:

Heading For Tomorrow (1990)

Oh sure, it wasn’t all wine and roses from the start, but there are plenty of good ideas here.

Sigh No More (1991)

More of the same; some good, some bad.

Insanity And Genius (1993)

The Ralf Scheepers era is generally panned, and this is generally one of the reasons why the masses may be right.  But, there are still a few gems to be found.

Land Of The Free (1995)

Ok, Kai, so you want to take over lead vocals duty?  Umm…ok, that’ll do quite nicely!

Somewhere Out In Space (1997)

After a full-on non-Kai lineup change, we get this little gem.  Quite possibly the greatest power metal album ever released.

Power Plant (1999)

How do you follow up the greatest power metal album ever?  By releasing the second greatest!

No World Order! (2001)

Three in a row?  In bowling, we call that a turkey.  More epic power metal!

Majestic (2005)

Yet another solid release.  Can the Awesome Foursome do no wrong?

Land Of The Free II (2007)

Oh snap!  Sorry guys, but sequel albums tend to have way more hype than quality.

To The Metal! (2010)

A great return to form.  The previous release showed that they weren’t infallible, but this album shows that they didn’t forget how to cut some serious sonic fury!

Empire Of The Undead (2014)

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