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In order to battle the disgrace that is this band’s lack of popularity, I will set out on a mission through the savage land of Mob Rules’ discography. As one who has admired the band for years now, I feel it is my task to introduce more people to what I perceive as a vastly underrated outfit. A little bit like the frock. Anyway, here we go, may you enjoy and be enlightened!

Savage Land (1999)

A debut displaying the dramatic qualities of the band, as well as their penchant for catchy songwriting and the invested voice of Klaus Dirks. Ambitious and bold, Mob Rules’ announcement to the world is one to remember.

Temple Of Two Suns (2000)

The gateway to future glory, but a crackling album in its own right. Stepping up the catchiness from Savage Land, this proves the debut was not a fluke, but a stone-cold promise.

Hollowed Be Thy Name (2002)

Despite leaving power metal gradually behind for a more classic metal-oriented sound, this presents Mob Rules at their most powerful, fast and melodic. A gem in a chest of treasures filled with them.

Among The Gods (2004)

From the clay of Hollowed Be Thy Name Mob Rules has molded a more varied and adventurous effort, topping themselves once again for sheer wonder and melodicism. Among the gods indeed.

Ethnolution A.D. (2006)

Unfortunately structured, the album never fully recovers from the awesomeness of its opening suite. Despite that minor hiccup, it still ranks as a solid milestone in the band’s career and one that would segue into their masterpiece.

Radical Peace (2009)

The crowning achievement of Mob Rules’ career, a coronation of their progressive/power/heavy metal mix. Here they outgrow their roots and emerge as a truly unique outfit, delivering big, emotive and intelligent music that may never ever leave you.

Cannibal Nation (2012)

Radical Peace Reloaded, pushing the sound even more in to an almost Iron Maiden-esque direction. Tasty prog is intertwined with captivating power metal, with thoughtful lyrics throughout. May feel as a stagnation to some, but if you have to stand still somewhere, it might as well be in a great place.

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