Arven – Music Of Light

February 11, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Music of Light

The German based band Arven brings us their debut, Music Of Light. This is  a rather strange metal band because it consists of five women and just one man. The music can generally be categorized as folkish power-metal. When I started listening to it, it sounded very fairy-like. You can tell by the quality of the music that this is a debut. I always find this a bit disappointing, but it leaves room for development and of course new surprises in the future (which I’m certain Arven will provide us). This is a solid debut, with songs that can maybe be compared to Rhapsody of Fire.

This debut kicks (or flies) off with the fairytale like title track “Music of Light”. A high pitched violin starts playing and you’re just dropped into a majestic landscape, soaring over the mountains on the back of a dragon. Or at least that’s the feeling I get. “Raise Your Cups” is your typical folk metal song: pounding drums, shredding guitars, and a cheery flute introduce the song. Then a rather soft verse starts, followed by a celebration, raising cups high in the sky. I absolutely love the cheeriness of this song. Lately, a lot of symphonic metal bands are releasing darker and darker sounding albums, but Arven proves with this song that they won’t do anything of the sort. Clearly, their goal is to make sure anyone who listens to this album has a good time. What really strikes me is that they use a lot of multiple layered singing. It’s not really choir work, but just voices raised together. I like this effect, it suits their music.

“Raise Your Cups” is followed by a beautiful ballad named “My Dear Friend”. Here you can hear what a beautiful voice lead singer Carina has. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd too much, but yet it is beautiful. “World of Hatred” is a nice song, it has balls. I like it, because it is a bit different from the whole album. This shows that Arven has more sides than only being cheery. “Dark Red Desire” shows us a more rock side of Arven, they really can do a lot of different styles. I’m really curious how they will progress. The song “Till Death Do Us Part” is probably the best song on this album. It is catchy and there is a guitar-solo in it that is just emotionally one of the best I heard so far. I don’t know if it technically is  a good guitar-solo, but it has emotion in it. And that I do not hear so very often.

I absolutely love the feeling this album gives me. Almost every song makes me think of fantasy landscape, great battlefields, beautiful maidens, and mead of course. The only thing I don’t like on this album is the general quality, and hopefully that will be solved when the band runs into more money. This is a very solid debut and I look forward to a followup in the near future. Now, spread the word of Arven and raise your cups! Oh and as a side note, I’m sure they’d do well on a festival like Metal Female Voices Fest.

Kelvin’s rating: 3.75 out of 5