As Winter Falls – Road To Nowhere

May 7, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

As Winter Falls
Road to Nowhere

Where would I be as a CD reviewer without social media?  I would be going nowhere pretty quickly, let me tell you.  A couple of weeks ago, I discovered this quartet,  known as As Winter Falls,  through Facebook friends who were enthusiastic about the release of their new EP titled Road To Nowhere that is available for free downloading on the band’s web site.  I thought, what the hell, and proceeded to download.  And I was very pleasantly surprised with what I heard!

First a bit of background.  Hailing from Slovenia, vocalist Jasmina Lozar and drummer and composer Samo Mrak started this project back in 2008 and they produced two songs.  After that, they took a hiatus and performed with a symphonic rock band before heading out on their own again in 2010.  Samo had a bunch of material he wanted to get out there, so they went about finding a permanent line-up.  They found Žan Kovačevič to fill the bass role and Rok Kovačevič to play rhythm guitar.  They also had a lead guitarist and a keyboardist, but unfortunately, they left the band after a couple of months.  I’m not sure if they left before the 4 songs on the EP were recorded but there is no credit on the CD insert for keys or lead guitars.

The short story with the four-track As Winter Falls is that it’s a really great introduction to an obviously talented group of musicians.  The first song, “What Lies Beneath”, introduces us to the band’s sound, which is symphonic-laced melodic metal.  Apart from the ballad, “Lifetime”, their music is fast and suitably bombastic, with lots of riffing and bassy-ness, punctuated by even faster sections featuring double bass drums and all that good stuff.  “Lifetime” is a very nice ballad showcasing  Jasmina’s voice accompanied by the piano.  It’s simple but effective and it’s a great song.

What I liked overall about this EP was that it’s accessible and catchy without being overly poppy.  It’s radio-friendly stuff, but it’s powerful, atmospheric, and emotional. Part of what makes this album powerful and emotional is the vocal performance of Jasmina.  She has a really big voice and I found her impressive to listen to.  She can really belt out a fast, rockin’ tune with exceptional flourish, and she can also tone it down to be gentle and evocative as she does in “Lifetime.”

The heaviest song is perhaps “Just Follow”, which features a male guest vocalist who adds a lot of edge to the tune.  I believe this vocalist is Marko Duplišak of a band called Last Day Here (if someone knows different do let me know in the comments).  There is great amount of headbang-able material in this piece and I just loved it.

Overall, this EP shows a lot of promise for As Winter Falls and it certainly has made a fan out of me.  If they produce a full-length CD of the quality of this little EP, they have a very bright future ahead of them.

Allyson’s rating: 4.0 out of 5