Bejelit – Emerge

March 20, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg


Bejelit is an Italian power metal band recording in Finland with a lot of influence from Sonata Arctica and Thunderstone. That sentence alone might have had me salivating, and the first few tracks off their latest album “Emerge” had me captivated. In full disclosure, I was interested in this album just knowing it was mastered by Thunderstone’s Nino Laurenne, and I’ve been feeling down lately about my perceptions of the slow death of Finnish power metal. This might have led my expectations for Bejelit to be a little high, because after sitting through 66 minutes, I came out a bit disappointed.

A word on my own preferences, I’ve held it against a lot of pretty good albums that they were over too quickly. I think if you can pull off 40 minutes of good music, I won’t hold a few filler tracks against you, especially in power metal. However, 66 minutes on Emerge really seems to push the limit, because while you could individually pull two or three of these tracks out and really enjoy them, I found that I just got bored of this album before it was done.

What was perhaps most startling was my reaction to the epic at the end of the album. Generally in an album with a lot of similar 4-6 minute tracks, my advice is for an extended epic to break the monotony and let the band be more musically diverse. This however, is where Bejelit COMPLETELY falls flat on their face. 11 minutes of music that I was completely unable to draw anything of value from. Listening to it is almost a horrific realization, a crushing disappointment that such a promising power metal band could fall so flat on their face.

I think that the music of Bejelit has the potential to be relatively enjoyable. The 11 minute flop and a few other less impressive moments peppered throughout the album aside, I really did enjoy listening to the album a few songs at a time, but for those actually looking at Emerge as an album, it really crumbles under its own unnecessary weight and fluff. Too much music with too little substance.

Dagg’s Rating: 2.75 out of 5