Book of Reflections- Relentless Fighter

May 30, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg

Book OFf Reflections
Relentless Fighter

Somewhere, there needs to really be a better establishment of what “technical power metal” means, because as I prepared to review Book Of Reflections’ latest effort “Relentless Fighter” in progressive metal mode, I had nothing nice to say about it. Indeed, I had nothing of any interest. I decided instead of reviewing this onslaught of bands by the standard they seem to be mimicking, I’d rather look at them by what they’re actually doing, because that works a lot better for everyone I think.

Book Of Reflections’ latest comes packed with 10 tracks, none being longer than about five and a half minutes. They’re all basic, relatively catchy power metal with technical, sometimes neo-classical wanking running through the tracks. Everything on the album is quite digestable, and almost wanders into a more “easy listening” territory at times, where I’d rather be listening to it in the background of something else, rather than actively digesting it.

Truth be told, this is one of the cleaner power metal releases I’ve heard this year, and for my listening, sounds almost too polished, but I understand that issues like that might not arise for all listeners, so take note.

Your investment in this album could be what makes all the difference for your enjoyment (or lack thereof) of this album. Listening to it for a melodic experience will leave you with a fairly neutral experience: (as was my case) there’s nothing wrong, but very little out of the ordinary being “right”. Looking more towards technical impressiveness, this album has a lot to say, and for those capable of enjoying technicality for technicalities sake will perhaps find a lot more going on. Give it a preview first, it’s certainly worth a shot, but this is an album unlikely to make a really profound impact.

Dagg’s Rating: 3.0 out of 5