Burning Point – The Ignitor

May 3, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Burning Point
The Ignitor


It’s only been three years since Burning Point released Empyre, and yet it feels like forever since I’ve heard anything about this band. Playing a fairly traditional, more Germanic style of power metal than is typical for their nation (Finland), Burning Point has not let me down in my previous encounters with their work (Burning Down The Enemy and Feeding The Flames), and so I held my bowl out expectantly for a helping of hearty, hot, but relatively typical power metal.

What I got was a seared tongue, and I mean that in the best way possible. “Eternal Flame” is a catchy, encouraging opener, and is followed by the short conflagration of “In The Fires Of My Self-Made Hell” (A mouthful, I know, but a great song). By the time “In The Night” had passed me by, I was marveling at the sheer energy and competency that Pete Ahonen and company were packing into such short, explosive songs. Finally clearing four minutes, the album’s title track completely sold me. Even slower songs like “Silent Scream” and “Lost Tribe” avoid difficulties by helping break up the incinerating heat of the faster tunes, and memorable roasters like “Losing Sleep” and the incendiary “Holier Than Thou” prove that the second half of the album is every bit as sweltering as the first.

Every punch that the band throws on The Ignitor lands squarely on the jaw. Frankly, it’s very rare that I hear mid-tempo, basic power metal that really catches my attention. The only other Finnish band to come close in style and quality was Merging Flare’s Reverence, which was considerably faster and more bombastic. Despite being pretty standard, Burning Point still features some light keyboard support (which is pretty unescapable, but hardly a selling point, or for that matter a problem, for those who don’t care for their Finnish keys).

Complaints that I can bring to the table with The Ignitor are few and relatively minor. Aside from the tendency of this sort of metal to run together a bit, all I can knowingly direct at it is a lack of ambition, variety, and ultimately not being the kind of adventurous, progressive, and dense composition that captures me as nothing else will. However, fans of traditional and heavy/power metal should love this album: it’s as modern, hooky, and as skilled as I’ve ever heard the band. As far as more standard power metal fare goes, you’d be very hard to find one that I like much more. Burning Point have made a sizzling delivery of The Ignitor, and it’s one that fans of flagging bands like HammerFall can hold high as a much more worthy replacement.

Dan’s Rating: 3.75 out of 5