Cold Colours ~ The Great Depression

October 26, 2011 in Reviews by SpaceKev

Cold Colours
The Great Depression

I am slowly becoming a fan of black metal. I haven’t yet fully embraced the “straight to hell” sounds of true black metal, I prefer the band that incorporate large elements of atmosphere and doom.  One band that’s been contributing considerably to my enjoyment is Minnesota-based Cold Colours, who have just released their latest album, The Great Depression. Cold Colours has been around for a while and have numerous releases under their belt.  Overall, they blend elements of Opeth, Nevermore, and maybe even a little Katatonia.  The Great Depression is probably their most diverse sounding release to date.  The band is branching out from their melodic black roots and incorporating more clean vocals and atmospheric clean guitars into their sound.  I like this diversification.

The cd is full of great songs. “Deny, Embrace, Define”, “Daylight” and “Lost Inside” are the highlights for me.  The band has also rerecorded and breathed new life into some of their older songs, giving them a much higher production value than they received the first time they came out.  While there are a lot of great songs and the production is far superior to their older releases, there is an inconsistent vocal performance.  At times the vocals, whether they are clean or aggressive, come out lackluster.  The growls are not as throaty and the clean vocals are a little flat.

While I think that The Great Depression could benefit from a stronger vocal performance, it isn’t bad cd by any measure.  With a title like this, it is a decent listen while I drive around on rainy fall nights.

Live Long and Rock Hard,

SpaceKev’s Rating: 3.75 out of 5