Dan & Arno’s 2011 In Recap: Best Album Artwork

December 19, 2011 in Top Lists by blackwindmetal

First up in our series covering power metal in 2011, it’s our personal awards (well, for what they’re worth anyways) for best album artwork! Please click on the images here to see them in glorious high resolution!


1) Iron Savior – The Landing

Dan: I mean really, I don’t think anyone has equalled this. Felipe Machado Franco has outdone himself.

Arno: Spaceships! Moons! Planets! Excellent use of the blue-versus-orange color scheme! That guy with the gun on that glider thing! What movie is this from? I want to marry it.

2)- Borealis – Fall From Grace

 Dan: This one is really simple, very artistic. I suppose it has some similarities with Iron Savior, what with the moon in the background and wispy substance.

Arno: Great representation of the titular fall from grace. This cover has a certain dynamic to it with lots of circular and curvy motions. Plus, if that is a chick, she ain’t bad-looking, no sir.


3) Rhapsody Of Fire – From Chaos To Eternity

 Dan: It’s the contrast on this one, and yeah, maybe we’re just Machado fanboys. But seriously, THAT UNICORN!

Arno: The unicorn riding from the chaotic red to the eternal silver does the trick here. Similar contrast as on “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” and the first Rhapsody (Of Fire) cover without a dragon on it! So it’s clearly a fake. Also, what Dan said: Why isn’t he riding a panda?


Honorable Mentions

Dan: Royal Hunt – Show Me How To Live

 Suffice it to say that I really like knights. The shield, the banner, the helm, the bold but basic logo. This cover is just awesome.


Arno: Myrath – Tales Of The Sands


If someone actually posed for this that must have been one hell of an uncomfortable afternoon. They basically piled a bunch of Eastern stuff on top of a woman on top of a camel with a grammophone player next to it for good measure. The composition here is quite striking as it evokes the often mystic quality of Myrath’s music.

Arno: Solar Fragment – In Our Hands

Again the contrast of light and dark stands out. The gold bursting through the black is relevant to the story of the Spark-bearer and I just really like the almost comic book-like drawing style. So different from what you usually see but equally detailed.