Dark At Dawn – Noneternal

November 12, 2012 in Reviews by Arno Callens

Dark At Dawn

Over the years, we powerheads have taken a few bands to the grave. Some may still mourn for the loss of Last Tribe, Deadly Sin and Twilightning, and wonder what more could have been.  Yet sometimes, quality bands resurrect. Dark At Dawn left us six years ago with their self-titled fourth album, and proceeded to split up. In 2012, however, the German dark power metal outfit announced their return with a new album scheduled for 2013, preceded by an EP called Noneternal. Now that the latter is here, the future once again shows promise.

Coming off two records that built on their strength of crafting varied, engaging power metal tunes with ear-worming choruses and a sinister twist, Dark At Dawn has not changed their sound an inch. For a comparison, think the mass crowd appeal of Sabaton, but packaged into a much less keyboard-driven and overall more heartfelt package. Opener “Coming Home” starts with a hint of American military music and develops into a tragic tale about a homecoming soldier. The tone is somber, fitting the subject well. “Arabian Fights” features a shout-along chorus not unlike the Swedish warlords, but kicks off with a Maiden-esque intro with eastern touches. A staple of their current live set, and one of the best songs these guys have ever composed. Lighter and slightly more simplistic is the party-tune “Firedrunk”, featuring another instantly memorable refrain and a badass title. “Taking My Time” closes the EP out in a similar fashion, with a pumping guitar riff and catchy climax.

Noneternal streamlines Dark At Dawn’s style into a more straightforward and accessible shape which should go over well for any fan of German, Swedish or crossover power metal. If this EP is any indication, we’re in for a treat when the full-length hits next year, but for now this is a very welcome comeback for an act that went out at its prime and continues smoothly from it. Released independently, Noneternal is only available through Dark At Dawn’s official homepage. If you dig it, support the music, alright?

Arno’s rating: 4.0 out of 5