Delain – We Are The Others

June 5, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

We Are The Others

It’s like the Netherlands just keeps spitting out amazing female-fronted metal bands. Of course, Delain isn’t really new in the metal scene, but they certainly make a stand right now with We Are The Others. If you didn’t believe in them after April Rain, you certainly will after this, their latest. They have been compared several times with bands like Epica and Within Temptation, but I believe they have truly made their own sound with this album, and don’t deserve these comparisons anymore.

We Are The Others starts with a massive song which really sets the tone for this album, called “Mother Machine”. The song starts off with mechanical sound clips, and when the music starts it’s blasting until the very end of the song. You immediately notice that Charlotte’s vocals have improved. She sounds a lot clearer and stronger on this album, and this song, than ever before. Also, the music has a darker tone to it. Where April Rain was more pop/rock oriented, We Are The Others certainly is not, and “Mother Machine” makes that clear. The opening song is followed by the catchier “Electricity”, this song has (as I always describe it) “rolling” lyrics. It’s like when you sing it, the words are so right it just keeps out rolling with a catchy groovy tune: you’re not even thinking about how to sing it anymore or what words have to come out. It’s just natural and I love that about this song!

The title track of the album, “We Are The Others” reminds me of the song “April Rain”. It starts similarly: key-intro, guitars flowing in, Charlotte’s voice to combine it all. However “We Are The Others” is a stronger song than “April Rain”. The best thing about this song has to be the lyrics. Although a bit cheesy, it carries a very strong message. It reminded me of “Eccentric” by After Forever who also wrote something similar, though this one is a lot more up-beat. Finally, “Are You Done With Me” is my favorite song of the album. Vocals are amazing, with the high registered words in the couplets. Beautifully orchestrated, I love it and I can’t wait to see it live.

We do have to note though that there is a rather surprising guest vocalist in this album. Ever heard of Burton C. Bell? He’s the lead singer of Fear Factory, and he adds an extra dimension to the album in the song “Where Is The Blood”. His vocals are rough and raw against Charlotte’s, but it makes the song so much more interesting.

I definitely enjoyed this album immensely. Everything blends well together. The drums pound and are executed perfectly, guitars have become so much more metal after April Rain, and the orchestra has been shrunk a bit, but is still present and enjoyable. It’s the best Delain album to date, and the highlight of their career. Go out and buy it, if you love female fronted metal. You will not be disappointed!

Kelvin’s rating: 4.5 out of 5