Destination’s Calling – End Of Time

November 13, 2012 in Reviews by Chris Foley


Destination’s Calling
End Of Time

You can always rely on the German’s to unleash excellent heavy metal. From formative acts such as the Scorpions all the way up to gut-busting thrash like Sodom, Germany houses some of the finest acts in the genre. When I’m presented with a German power metal act, I’m often inclined to expect a style akin to Helloween, which makes it a surprise when I stumble over acts such as Dark At Dawn or Destination’s Calling, who are up for examination today with their latest full-length release; End Of Time.

The first thing to strike me about this release is how mature the hooks are throughout, they really stick from the get-go, yet continue to grow with each listen. Their style reminds me in particular of Dreamland, with moments which spring acts such as Brainstorm or even Mercury Falling to mind. Another factor which struck me was the sound quality; a vibrant mix courtesy of the superb Sascha Paeth really pops. The music itself is again, very mature sounding, proudly performed, and restrained enough to give the album a subdued, understated feel. This further sells Destination’s Calling, as it’s clear to see where the band wants to be, and they let the songs do the talking without relying on flamboyant, hyperactive trickery (not saying that’s a bad thing per se).

If there’s anywhere that Destination’s Calling fumbles on End Of Time, it would have to be in the middle of the album where they indulge in the ballad-esque tracks a little too much for my liking. This isn’t to say those tracks are not well-done, but I feel they’ve been placed a little too close together. Fortunately when this album is on the money, Destination’s Calling smashes the proverbial nail bang on the head. There are some truly wonderful numbers here, from the luscious chorus of “Feel The Rain” to the stomp of the following “Soulbound”, right the way up to the stunning “Walking Thin Ice”. Seriously, some of the finest choruses I’ve heard this year are housed in End Of Time.

Whilst this might not be the fastest power metal release this year, nor the glossiest (or hell, even the best), what I can say is that End Of Time ranks amongst the more powerful releases in the genre. Destination’s Calling is in the business of writing excellent songs, and I’d have to say business is pretty damn good. If they can further channel the song writing displayed here and ease up on the softer parts, I shudder to think of what they could do next. For now however, this one comes well recommended to fans of acts such as Dreamland, Bloodbound, Brainstorm, and even fans of acts like Eden’s Curse would do well to pick up End Of Time.

Chris rating 4.0 out of 5