Forever Storm – Tragedy

January 29, 2014 in Reviews by Chris Foley

Forever StormForever Storm – Tragedy (2013)

Reviewed by Christopher Foley

The start of a new year is usually spent with my face in my palm, uttering sentiments along the lines of: “Why didn’t I check this out when it came out in October!?” or “Man, this would have easily made my top 20 x or top 50 y”. Serbian heavy/power metallers Forever Storm are one such band to leave me regretting catching on. Whilst their sophomore effort Tragedy likely wouldn’t have made much of a change in my top twenty list, it’s an album I would have enjoyed, and certainly recommended. Oh well, it’s never too late, so pay attention as this is some cool stuff!

The descriptor heavy/power metal can be a very wide one, covering everything from Virgin Steele to Grave Digger and then some. Forever Storm’s sound is a modern one, and one I’d suspect would boast appeal wider than that of the aforementioned acts. In terms of their contemporaries, I’d say to think along the lines of Taberah and Trail Of Murder, or more immediately, the latest Tad Morose opus, hell even Morton or Helker would be good jumping off points. This is very riff heavy and conventional in terms of melody. What I mean by that is the sense of melody is one that might well appeal to your average Metal Hammer reader, as well as that of one of your frilled shirt wearing, sword wielding, European power metal buffs. There’s also a spot of Swedish melodic death metal evident in some of the songs, which mainly stems from the guitar approach; definitely something I feel is worth mentioning when discerning how Forever Storm sounds.

Where I feel the Serbs excel is in their songwriting craft. Whilst they don’t attempt to blaze a trail or break a mold, they have a undoubtedly solid approach to crafting riff- orientated, catchy metal numbers. I could single out a vast majority of the tracklisting as being the best song on the album, which is testament to how good these guys are at writing captivating, concise numbers. Even when they slow it down as evident in “Nocturnal Wings”, they manage to hold one’s attention, and remind me of Symphony X in how they deliver absorbing slower songs.

This is normally around the point I’d level any issues I have with a release, and to be completely honest; there’s nothing wrong with this. The worst thing I can say about Tragedy is that it isn’t amazing or game-changing. That’s it, as for the most part this is infectious, foot stomping metal that is an absolute blast to spin. The album is packed to the brim with riffs worthy of bringing out the air guitar, and gruff vocals that will have you proudly singing along; complete with the Bruce Dickinson stance (you know the one).

Overall, I’m a little sore I missed out on this when it came out, but I’m enjoying it now, and I can imagine anyone who gives Forever Storm the chance will too. There’s little else to say, Tragedy is just a really solid heavy/ power metal album that is deserving of attention and at least a couple of spins. Recommended!

 3.75 // 5