Freedom Call – Eternity

February 19, 2014 in Artist Rewind, Reviews by Arno Callens

Freedom Call - Eternity

Freedom Call – Eternity (2002)

Reviewed by Arno Callens

Hail to the gods of creation. Hail to the King of the world.

Freedom Call stands triumphant with Eternity, a confident album that cements the accomplishment of establishing their own sound with Crystal Empire. The “Metal Invasion” has come, and if you thought the Teutonic titans of positive thinking had already pelted you with every possible utterance of sheer joy and lust for life, you’re now the most pessimistic person anyone’s ever met.

Almost every song here is a celebration; Not only of life, but of what the band has done up until now. The aforementioned “Metal Invasion” is the kind of thing you’d frown at on a Hammerfall-album, but here it’s an irresistible romp of warriors, immortal knights, and a host of other colorful figures. Brain cells are in the blender, and your head should be banging until the bloody thing comes off.

With your spirits shot into the stratosphere, you can’t go anywhere else but interstellar, and the aptly named “Flying High” does just that, boasting a huge chorus with huge choirs, eyes of the world and everything. It’s only after “Ages Of Power”, another song fulfilling everything its title implies, that we get a short reprieve, but even “Bleeding Heart” sets you aflame despite its slow-burning touch. This song is one of my personal favorites from the band, it’s every bit as grandiose and glorious as the scorchers that precede and follow it. “Flame In The Night” will later provide a similar service, a cooling down of hearts firmly afire.

The balladry of “Bleeding Heart” swiftly makes way for the belligerence of “Warriors”, a trick that Freedom Call would forget how to do on Land Of The Crimson Dawn’s less-than-interstellar “66 Warriors”. Subsequently, “The Eyes Of The World” finally get a full song devoted to them in the massive hymn that Freedom Call’s signature phrase deserves. Following the aforementioned break of “Flame In The Night”, we travel into the “Land Of Light”, which is so bright and resplendent that it can be seen from outer space, and is actually responsible for 75% of Germany’s light pollution.

From one land we go into another. “Island Of Dreams” is another fantasy fairy tale brimming with passion and imagination like it’s Peter Pan himself soaring off to Neverland for the very first time: happier than an animated Disney movie and the filthy-rich executives that get fat off of it. Finally, “Turn Back Time” is just as astutely titled as most of the other tracks on Eternity, since after this mesmerizing closer you’ll feel no need stronger than to hit the repeat button and get stuck in a Groundhog Day-like loop of power metal bliss.

Eternity is a power metal classic for – you guessed it – perpetuity – ha, got you! Freedom Call would release lesser clones of it in the future, and only much further down the road recapture the magic once more. If the next couple of records took a dive, it’s only because the cliff they were standing on was so beautifully steep. In the absence of logical successor Tearing At The Very Fabric Of Reality, we got The Circle Of Life, which I would just love to go listen to, if it weren’t for that damn repeat button.

Hail to the gods of creation. Hail to the King of the world.

4.5 // 5