German Pascual – A New Beginning

November 15, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg

German Pascual
A New Beginning

For a professed pseudo-evangelistic Christian and devout metalhead, my unfamiliarity with landmark band Narnia may come as a surprise. So when German Pascual’s first solo album came across my desk, my first thought was “Oh, that guy from Divinefire?” If there are really devout fans out there, or this is a charged issue, I humbly ask your forgiveness. However, after being second fiddle in Divinefire, and overseeing the end of what I assume was a great metal dynasty in Narnia, I assume Mr. Pascual figured it was time to get his rather unique sounding name out there.

A New Beginning is a great presentation of power metal that reminds me in a lot of ways of early Dio solo albums. I’m not seeking to compare talent levels here, or even suggest that Mr. Pascual could be in a Dio cover band. The comparison is simply that the music is slightly above par for the genre, and the dominating presence of his voice really pushes the album into more significant territory.

I’m also a self professed sucker for aggressive and dominant rhythm guitars in prog and power metal. “The Wrath Of GOD” fills this need for me, and the keyboard intro on “I Call For The One” is good stuff as well. Each song has a unique flavor, but mostly what you can expect is a fairly mainstream approach to power metal, with catchy melodies and an above average lead vocalist. What stuck with me the most was the closing track “Cancion Con Todos.” “Cancion Con Todos” is in what I assume to be Spanish (“Song With All”), and without a lyric sheet I couldn’t give you the first hint to what its about, but it’s got a fantastic drumming performance that accentuates a very grandiose environment.

Mr. Pascual and his band have achieved with A New Beginning an album that is a very fair benchmark for quality in power metal, with memorable vocals and catchy melodies. There’s probably nothing that would turn you away from this album, but you could also be forgiven for listening through a few times and then letting it collect dust for awhile. Very high quality production and songwriting, but ultimately still suffers a bit for being cookie cutter heavy/power metal.

Dagg’s Rating: 3.5/5