Globus – Break From This World

October 10, 2011 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Break From This World

I feel like something a little different now and then, and Globus’ “Break From This World” is perfect right now. Globus is the project of one Yoav Goren, with vocals from several artists like Dann Pursey and Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-Gathering). “Break From This World” is the band’s second album following the suitably named “Epicon”. Globus can be described broadly as epic rock. After a very long time and being postponed repeatedly, Globus has finally released their new album “Break From This World”. I can’t say it was worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong the album is very good and I love it, but it doesn’t seem it that working so long on it was absolutely necessary. They do however have a song composed and written by one of the fans, although I can’t seem to find out which song that is.

We start this album with a title that actually fits this album: “The Promise”, foretelling something very epic. They did something really cool here too: Anneke van Giersbergen speaks (she isn’t singing) some Dutch. Normally bands like this, or in music like this, you always see Latin used, but apparently they like Dutch more. As I am from the Netherlands, it was really cool to hear my own language in music made by Americans. I expected lots and lots of choir and orchestra on this album, but they’ve taken a step back. There are only 3 songs that almost kill you with all the choirs. These are “A Thousand Deaths”, “The Promise”, and “Elegy”, and they’re what make “Break From This World” such a stunning album. Granted “Wyatt Earth” is nice, (and you can actually headbang to that song, which metalheads will be waiting for), and “Terminal”, with its gospel feeling and amazing vocal performance goes a long ways, but those fans who know Globus will be disappointed in the lack of choirs. That’s actually the main reason I started listening to Globus and now the main reason why I’m disappointed. Maybe my hopes were too high. I should also mention the song “Save Me”. Do you like Queen? Yes? Well then you’ll definitely love this song. The vocals remind me of Freddy Mercury, and the whole composition of the song reminds me of something Queen would have made. I love it.

“Break From This World” is an album about the, and now I quote:” vast landscape of the human condition. BFTW contains songs dealing with hope, destruction, love, loss, death and other emancipations.” They do get the feeling of all those things across, but because it is a concept album the focus of the music is especially on the lyrics. I don’t mind that, I actually like to listen closely and pick up on what they are singing instead of just listening to the music. However, someone who doesn’t pay attention to the lyrics will likely miss the point of “Break From This World” entirely.

Kelvin’s rating 3.5/5