Grave Digger – Home At Last

July 19, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Grave Digger
Home At Last
Generally we abstain from reviewing EPs and singles here at Black Wind Metal, but I got awfully caught up in Grave Digger’s little 3 track (plus a few live tracks) EP Home At Last. The last time we left our favorite ghoulishly heavy metal Germans, they were fully embracing their love for Scot history and imagery with The Clans Will Rise Again. Now, they appear to be taking a path into the territory of Greek mythology, an area that, to my knowledge, has not yet been unearthed by the Grave Digger.

Since no one is here for the live tracks, I’ll concentrate upon the three brand new ones. The titular song is a strong, mid-paced roaring track that you’ll swear you’ve heard many times before, until wave upon wave of the song’s title hits home during the chorus (At which point you’ll realize “Why no, this hasn’t been beaten into my head before!”). Catchy, familiar, and headbangable, it’s just what you expect from the band after all these years. The other two songs, “Rage Of The Savage Beast” and “Metal Will Never Die” are fairly self-explanatory. The slow churning riff of the former, along with snarling sound effects, makes for a passing Grave Digger tune, but really not much more. There’s a bit more energy in “Metal Will Never Die”, which is a good thing, because one of a million songs about metal (and by a band that’s done more than their share of them) had better have some energy to it. I don’t know if it’ll ever be a concert staple, but it’s all right, no more.

So we come out with two acceptable tracks and one pretty good song which we know will be on the upcoming album Clash Of The Gods (I don’t believe that either of the non-title tracks will be). Based on what we’ve got here, Grave Digger fans can feel free to pre-order the upcoming album, but I wouldn’t advise picking this up (though springing for a digital download of “Home At Last” would definitely be forgivable).

And no, I didn’t just review this EP because the cover art is awesome, would I do a thing like that?

Dan’s Rating: 3.0 out of 5