Hevilan – The End Of Time

October 1, 2013 in Reviews by Chris Foley


Hevilan The End Of Time (2013)

Reviewed by Christopher Foley

The End Of Time is the debut release from Brazilian heavy/power upstarts Hevilan. Their style is a chugging, abrasive stab at the genre; with lower tuned guitars leading the charge, adorned with gruff mid-range vocals which remind me of Kelly Carpenter or Tim Owens at their most venomous.

Kicking off the show with “Regenisis”, Hevilan delivers an experience not too dissimilar from Arch Enemy’s “Enemy Within”: driving rhythms propel an atypical open string style riff which, after a couple of measures, is driven further forward via some double kicking – not before the band settle into a grooving, almost Outworld style verse. The chorus on this one is massive, and the track as a whole sets up The End Of Time, coming off as one of those opening tracks which not only defines the album, but the sound of the band.

From this point onwards Hevilan are almost unforgiving in their approach. They adopt an almost modern thrash approach, which is particularly evident when the band charges the jugular. The arrangement and vocal performance are the main factors which keep Hevilan in check with their power metal contemporaries; although in saying that, outside of the choruses, the vocals can get a little vitriolic. Whilst I commend them for their pugilistic approach, some of the lower ended guitar riffs come across a little dumb, with a distinct modern vibe that doesn’t sit too well with me. I also think it belies their talents, as for each uninspiring chug attack is a well articulated, fully fleshed out section.

Thankfully, Hevilan include suitable dynamics on the The End Of Time, which keeps this from becoming an incessant bludgeon. This is notable, particularly around the middle of the album,  where some acoustic guitars and varying tempo changes are added to good effect, providing areas of respite amongst varying levels of technicality and hammering.

For the most part Hevilan have put an undoubtedly solid debut affair. If I had to pick one band they really reminded me of it would be Outworld, although I don’t think The End Of Time is as well written or as enjoyable as the Outworld debut. I appreciate their approach, and the whole album comes off as a veritable blend of the power, prog, thrash, and straight up heavy genres. Whilst some of the chug, chug, pinch harmonic riffs feel a little beneath their potential, the overall sum is far greater than that of the individual parts. If you’re in the market for some coarse, technical power metal then Hevilan are well worth a look in.

 3.0 // 5