Hibria – Silent Revenge

January 22, 2014 in Reviews by Kylie

Silent RevengeHibriaSilent Revenge (2013)

Reviewed by Kylie McInnes

Oh Pandora Radio, how I love thee. You show me so much awesome power and speed metal on my Gamma Ray channel. One of those bands that I discovered during the rare occasions I forgot my iPod (umm…I think I’m done with product placement now) but remembered my phone was Brazil’s Hibria. I can’t even remember which songs I heard from them, but I liked what I heard between familiar favorites like Edguy and Falconer.

So, fast forward a bit. I’m offered the new Hibria album and I jump at the chance, expecting the usual speedy power metal I’m used to hearing from them. Instead, putting in Silent Revenge gets me something more of a mishmash of power, speed, and thrash without picking up enough of any overall style subset to really stick. The end result is something not quite riffy enough to be thrash, fast enough to be speed, or grandiose enough to be power. It’s a shame, really, since the sections where they pick one style work really well.

I imagine they were trying to go for a heavier sound and beef up their riffing. However, imagine HammerFall trying to go thrash, and if Joacim Cans had a major case of strep or something, you can get the gist of how Silent Revenge actually comes across. There are a few quality tracks here, but the whole picture includes too many ideas that don’t quite mesh together, and don’t work as well as a unit as they would if they were to isolate their directions and make thrashy songs, speedy songs, and power songs. Also, the ballad “Shall I Keep On Burning” just sucks, sorry. Not because it’s a ballad, but the way the vocals and music go together just results in a cacophony.

“Deadly Vengeance”, “Walking To Death”, and “The Scream Of An Angel” work the best, being the most focused songs. The lengthy (note: not “epic”) closer “The Way It Is” rambles on far too long for what it is. So, three worthwhile tracks and six that are forgettable-at-best? Maybe I’m a Hibria neophyte and that’s how their three prior albums all work (I’m not going to deny my lack of thorough researchmanship here), but I guess I just expected something more memorable and focused from a band that’s been around for this long.

I can’t fault the musicianship or production here, as everything sounds good. It’s just not engaging and doesn’t sit well with me. That’s my opinion, I welcome yours.


2.5 // 5