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July 8, 2013 in Reviews by Dagg

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Infinita Symphonia
Infinita Symphonia

Hello dearest audience, I’d like to introduce you to a band called Infinita Symphonia, who was so enamored with this rather stupid name that they also decided to put it as the title of their second album, Infinita Symphonia. With a name like that, the band is wearing their identity on the sleeves, and there’s certainly a lot of cheese and symphonic elements on display. Perhaps I’m in the minority in the following regard, but cheese only really works for me when the tempos are a-flying. This album performs more mid-tempo cheese, and that approach falls pretty flat on its face, as far as I’m concerned.

Certainly, the band flexes some melodic muscle, especially on the first track, “If I Could Go Back”. However, the execution is monstrously disappointing. The band is toeing middle ground between power metal and progressive rock: taking catchier melodies and putting them into moderately-paced songs with a vocalist who seems confused as to what he’s really trying to achieve. This becomes more evident and the record slags on. Maybe I’m just a prejudiced jerk, but 8 minutes of mid-tempo meandering that is trying so, SO hard to sound “epic” just isn’t my cup of tea. In fact, through the whole of the album, they slow things down a number of times for ballads, but not once do they ever ramp up to some really heart pounding speed.

Perhaps were the band really creative enough to make some solid mid-tempo prog, it would work out would fine. However, what Infinita Symphonia ends up sounding like is an already less than great power metal band who shot their drummer and brought in a 90’s alternative rock reject to rerecord the whole thing. Have I mentioned that the ballads suck too? Not that this is a surprise coming from me, but “In Your Eyes” is a tad painful to listen to – the singer makes an attempt at channeling an 80’s hair band (Which is a bad idea to begin with), and then, whenever he reaches a high note, ends up with an uncomfortable piercing sound. At least he’s mostly just dull the majority of the time.

There is, however, one shining moment on this record. Perhaps this is due to the stunning dullness of the rest of the album, or perhaps because it was legitimately great. In either case, the ending of “Waiting For A Day Of Happiness” is a really great climax point, and maybe it’s that prog influence that they had been trying to force all along finally coming to bloom, but the guitar solo was indeed a highlight. The following track “X IV” is a short interlude (That they had to think of another name for, because they had already put an ‘interlude’ two tracks prior), and even into the beginning of the final track “Limbo”, we’re doing alright. It’s a darker track, and it fits in a bit better with the band’s reluctance to really take off the training wheels and go for faster songs. 8 minutes is a bit long though, especially since the verse/chorus repetition is quite tiring. It’s not outright bad, but someone might have told them to throw this earlier on the record, at about 3 minutes shorter, along with a whole slough of other songs that were actually good.

1.5 // 5