Isole – Born from Shadows

December 22, 2011 in Reviews by Dagg

Born from Shadows

I love bands that “Get it”. Genres can be a stifling thing, and sometimes that can result in a poor quality, color-by-numbers album with no drive or ambition. Isole has avoided that pitfall and delivered a thoroughly dense and haunting experience with their latest, “Born from Shadows”.

I’ll gladly admit to being somewhat uninitiated into doom metal. I’ve heard a good deal of Electric Wizard, as well as a lot of stoner metal that approaches doom, but my knowledge of more straightforward doom is lacking. That being said, through seven tracks, most of which were 7 minutes or longer, I can’t say I was at all bored through the experience. The negative stereotype of “Slow and Plodding” didn’t seem to apply, as in fact, the music was quite engaging at times, all while keeping a very doomy atmosphere.

My biggest surprise was the vocals. My understanding of Isole is that they’ve been around for quite some time, but have for the most part stayed under the radar. My experience with these types of bands is that they have poor production, good ideas, and a mediocre vocalist. In the case of Isole, the vocals are more than excellent. The guitar work is also much more engaging than I would have imagined a typical doom metal band’s being.

If there is a pitfall to be had here, the music could be accused of being “Samey”, while this wasn’t particularly concerning the first few times through, the album certainly doesn’t offer enough to warrant a long history of replays. This will be enjoyable to hear for fans of the genre, and I’m sure it could turn a few heads among fans of other genres such as myself. It’s not Master of Reality, it’s not Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to any fan’s collection and isn’t likely to disappoint.

Dagg’s rating: 3.75/5