Jorn – Bring Heavy Rock To The Land

June 17, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg

Bring Heavy Rock To The Land

Jorn Lande doesn’t quite fall into that catagory of musicians who never sleep, but I imagine he doesn’t get a solid 8 hours a night, 7 days a week. In addition to Masterplan, Avantasia, and collaborations with Russell Allen and Magnus Karlsson, the man finds time to bring us his tenth solo album, Bring Heavy Rock To The Land. Not to judge a book by its cover, but there’s a lot to be said in this title, especially the term “Heavy Rock”, which is more than hard rock, but maybe not quite metal either.

The album brings us ten songs that ride that dangerously fine line of trying to understand the aspects in hard rock that are distinct from metal, and presenting them in  a heavier context. In line with this theme, there is a more rock arranged version of “Time To Be King” (From the Masterplan album of the same name), as well as a cover of “Ride Like The Wind” that mixes the original arrangement by Christopher Cross with Saxon’s cover version. The “Time To Be King” version is much more subdued and rock-oriented, and the idea behind those two is really the vision of the album.

To paint more of a picture fo you: the guitars are crunchy without being completely fuzzed or distorted, filled with mostly slower paced but excellent riffs galore. The drums are pounding and commanding, and as for Jorn, his voice is as great as ever. My personal favorite on the album was “Ride To The Guns”, with an amazing lead guitar and drum performance, and what was possibly Jorn’s most memorable chorus of the album (On one that is positively jam-packed with them). There’s a bit lacking as far as variety goes here, and so I’m not sure this album could keep me actively enthralled for repeated listens, but I find that in the background I’ve had this on pretty steady repeat for the week or so that I’ve had it.

Overall, this isn’t a difficult album to enjoy. In fact, on the whole it’s very well-produced, written, and performed. However, it does have something of a limited appeal. For fans of Jorn Lande, I can’t think of a single reason not to pick this up though.

Dagg’s Rating: 3.75 out of 5