Kings Among Men: Black Wind Metal’s Official Top Power Metal of 2013

January 7, 2014 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

It’s been a banner year for power metal, and we decided that, with a number of knowledgeable power metal fans on staff and such a variety to choose from, it was about time that we pooled some ballots and came up with a collection of favorites from our power metal elite. Each contributor submitted an itemized ranking of albums based upon personal taste, and from a collection and analysis, we’ve built this list. Please note that because of the length of the list and the number of contributors, we have refrained from further comment.

All entries are linked to their respective review (which is only one contributor’s opinion of the album).

Contributors to this year’s official list:

Daniel Millard, Arno Callens, Chris Foley, Graham Henry, Kevin Hathaway, Mark Nagy


Wisdom - Marching For Liberty15) Wisdom
Marching For Liberty


Momentum14) DGM


Iron Mask - Fifth Son Of Winterdoom13) Iron Mask
Fifth Son Of Winterdoom


478_SERENITY12) Serenity
War Of Ages


Dark Moor - Ars Musica11) Dark Moor
Ars Musica


Leaving All Behind10) Nautiluz
Leaving All Behind


Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell9) Helloween
Straight Out Of Hell


Arrayan Path - Stigmata8) Arrayan Path
IV: Stigmata


Lord - Digital Lies7) Lord
Digital Lies


Armory Empyrean Realms6) Armory
Empyrean Realms


Avantasia-The Mystery Of Time5) Avantasia
The Mystery Of Time


Bane Of Winterstorm - The Last Sons Of Perylin4) Bane Of Winterstorm
The Last Sons Of Perylin


Keldian - Outbound3) Keldian


Evertale Of Dragons And Elves2) Evertale
Of Dragons And Elves


Stratovarius Nemesis1) Stratovarius