Krypteria – All Beauty Must Die

June 14, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

All Beauty Must Die

Sometimes you can really tell when an album or band is consistent. If you know Krypteria, you’ll know that they were originally a band something like Era: very orchestral, but never really metal, just a lot of ballads filled with orchestrations and choirs. Over time, the band has grown more and more in the direction of metal, but you can certainly hear that they like the oldies. Sometimes when I listen to Krypteria they remind me of old school rock/metal. And that Doro joins this album just helps prove my point.

There are some jewels on this album, and overall it is a very consistent and very emotional blend between symphonic music and metal. The vocals of Ji-In Cho consistently get better and better with every album the band releases. Once she sounded very nasal, but that is gone now, although you can still clearly hear she is Korean/German.

“Messiah” is the song that Krypteria choose to start “All Beauty Must Die” with, and I think this was a good choice, since it kicks balls. It represents exactly what Krypteria stands for: it’s orchestral, Ji-In is angry again, and the lyrics are…quite refreshing. The tone is set,  and the same sound will continue through the rest of the album until “Eyes Of A Stranger” comes along. All the previous songs really sound a bit alike, but this song is very refreshing. Vocals are very fast, drums are almost dance like, and the guitars are low but heavy. The choral work is outstanding again, but that’s to be expected from Krypteria. Lyrically, this is one of my favorites on the album, because it is catchy, and secondly: it’s a love story gone bad. Afterwards, however, we fall back into the typical Krypterian way of making music, though “Thanks For Nothing” has a very good choir/drum/synthesizer part that I really enjoyed, followed by a viscious sounding Ji-In which actually saved the song.

There is a surprising guest vocalist on this album, it’s Doro. She makes an appearance on the song “Victoria” and I think it is almost written for her: almost a power metal song, yet a bit rougher. Even Ji-In sound a bit harder and more controlled. It’s too bad that I don’t know any Latin, otherwise I could also say something about the lyrics. “How Can Something So Good Hurt So Bad” is a silly song that made me think of Disney, strangely enough (which in my case is always good). “The Eye Collector” starts with vicious sounding male vocals and sounds like pure evil: very awesome riffs and use of drums. The last verse of this song really did it for me, “tickety toc, tick tickatoc”. I can’t even explain it.

Overall the album is pretty good, save for many of the songs sounding the same. Therefore, the album gets a bit dull, but with songs like “The Eye Collector”, “Victoria” and “The Messiah” I can’t say this album is bad on the whole. If you’re a fan of Krypteria, you’ll surely love this album, but if it’s your first time with the band,  I seriously recommend you to listen first to In Medias Re and then to Bloodangel’s Cry. If you like them after those two, you’ll like this album.

Kelvin’s rating:   2.75 out of 5