Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil

December 1, 2011 in Reviews by Dagg

Lonely Kamel
Dust Devil

Lonely Kamel is a Norwegian Stoner Metal band, and if this proves anything to me, it’s that America can’t hold onto anything. Not to say that there’s any danger of the Scandinavians becoming better at this than the Americans, but they just seem to know to take the best genres overseas. However, especially with the “Garcia plays Kyuss” phenomena, as well as a few other bands, I’m a pretty big fan of either starting over there, or hitting it big there, it’s obvious that the Scandinavian stoner scene is something to be addressed.

I’ll do Lonely Kamel a favor and speak only very briefly on their lyrics, but safe to say they are quite simplistic, and a little bit silly. This can be summed up pretty fairly with the fact that the opener “The Grim Reefer” just seems to be about lighting up a fat one with death himself.

Onto the music however, Lonely Kamel plays a very blues-inflected brand of stoner, with pretty straightforward vocals and moderately distorted, very riffy, psychedelic blues-metal. If we tear this down to its core, the riffs are where the whole thing lives and dies. On the whole, they are good, but nothing spectacular. Despite again silly lyrics, “Roadtrip with Lucifer” stands out, especially for a particularly crushing bassline. A few others, “Blues For The Dead”, and “The Prophet”, certainly warrant a listen.

I’m never quite sure what to say vocal-wise, other than that they fit the music, and the delivery is what you would ask of any stoner-metal vocalist. This isn’t John Garcia quality stuff, but I would be very surprised if anyone was turned off on this aspect.

It’s certainly a good enough album to warrant listening through a few times, and revisiting a few tracks after that, but I can’t really say there’s anything really revolutionary or outstanding going on here.

Dagg’s rating: 3.25/5