Marauder – Elegy Of Blood

August 21, 2012 in Reviews by Chris Foley

Elegy Of Blood

This is my first taste of Greek epic power metal act Marauder. Now, I don’t know if it is down to my general nerd level, but when I think “Marauder” I can’t help thinking about the Marauder miniatures I had as a kid (a company that spawned from, and then was absorbed into Citadel for those curious). Especially the barbarian characters I possessed, which kind of goes hand in hand with the band Marauder’s general sound.

Reining it back in now, this is the fifth full-length from these Greeks and is a solid slab of heavy/power metal that I’m sure true metal fans will enjoy from the get-go. We have odes to Alexander the Great (didn’t countrymen Sacred Blood have enough to say on the matter?), as well as songs covering everything from the Roman Empire to World War II – these subjects also happen to be the EXACT song titles, imaginative or what?

I’m guessing from the song titles and the album title/cover that Elegy Of Blood is something of a concept/theme album. Obviously with the theme seeming to be that of war and warlords throughout the ages, humanity performing horrible acts and all that jazz; of course this is all set to a back drop of big, crunchy heavy metal. From a thematic standpoint, fans of Sabaton should probably feel right at home with this release, and coincidentally I would certainly say the vocals have similarities (albeit rather slight). On the subject of vocals, don’t let the first track’ss Axxis-like vocal style throw you, as the rest of the album sticks largely to a more mid-range vocal delivery.

Whilst I think some of the ideas and lyrics come off a tad unimaginative, the music for the most part is very good. The band takes the typical style of epic true metal, which Greece is becoming well known for, and fuses a good wedge of German power metal ala Running Wild or Grave Digger. The result gives Marauder a good musical dynamic. On the whole, I would say that this was a respectable album, especially musically, although it comes up short in the lyric department. Fans of bands such as Lonewolf, Battleroar and Sacred Blood should find enjoyment here on Elegy Of Blood.

Chris’ rating 3.25 out of 5