Montany – Biogenetic

December 16, 2013 in Reviews by Kevin Hathaway

Montany - BiogeneticMontanyBiogenetic (2013)

Reviewed by Kevin Hathaway

Well, this has been quite the year for power metal comebacks, hasn’t it? Montany’s first and seemingly last album New Born Day was released eleven years ago in 2002, and the band put on hold shortly afterward so that its members could partake in other projects. Montany was one of many Helloween sound-alikes from the early to mid-2000’s that fell off the map after one release (Eternia, Cathalepsy, and Hamka come to mind as well, with Hamka also hopping on the reunion wagon as of late), and it’s good to have them back. Not that Montany broke ground or anything, but New Born Day was and still is an enjoyable album with a knack for melody, and that same knack continues on Biogenetic.

Like Armory’s recent Empyrean Realms, there’s no urgency or overcompensation to make up for lost time. The band puts forth an album that is about what one who heard the debut would expect, but better-rounded, more polished, and even sneaking in a few outside influences (check the slightly techno-sounding keyboards in the opener “Of Fire and Ice”). There’s also generally more of a melodic hard rock influence across the whole album, with a slower tempo and dirtier-sounding guitars, which seems quite appropriate for Patrick van Maurik’s nasally and rougher-than-most voice (at least as far as Euro-power metal goes).

There are all number of highlights present here. “Of Fire and Ice” is an infectiously catchy number with its dance-inducing keyboards and soaring chorus, and the 7-minute “Without You” also excels in the melody department. “Moment of Faith” brings out the double-bass, and closer “Egypt” is a nice call-back to the first album, both stylistically and lyrically. Really, every song is of considerable quality. In a way, one should know what they are in for listening to this album, but it’s done so professionally and with enough little twists that it’s hard to complain.

Yeah, two albums in a band’s nearly 25-year lifespan isn’t exactly the best track record, but when Montany finally buckles down and gets something together, it make sure to do it right, and Biogenetic is full testament to that. The nine tracks presented here are masterfully crafted pieces of high-quality power metal infused with melodic hard rock that should hold up quite well for the next decade while the band gets together their next album.

I jest, I jest.

…..It might have to be longer than that.

4.25 // 5