Neonfly – Outshine The Sun

October 6, 2011 in Reviews by Daniel Millard

Outshine The Sun

2011 has held a lot of surprises thus far for the power metal scene, and Neonfly is the latest in a slough of European releases, flowing out to join the massive ocean. British power metal isn’t a particularly prolific genre, and so I was eager as always to get my hands on this release and see what it had to offer.

I can safely say that Neonfly has chosen a fitting name for both a band title and debut album (“Outshine The Sun”). Among the many descriptive terms for this band, “bright”, “vibrant”, “lively”, and “energetic” spring to mind. The band’s style of power metal is very flashy, vocal-centric, and speedy without relying on the very typical continual bass drum assault that dominates much of the genre. Percussion, guitar, and vocal lines are fairly dynamic and this allows for a nice differentiation from much of what is offered on the power metal scene. However, the sheer vibrance of the album can mean that some of the songs might sound a bit similar without delving in a bit deeper.

Vocalist Willy Norton is the focal point of the band, and his voice has just the right balance of vibrato and occasional harshness. Despite the constant attention that his voice demands, I find that I am strangely not irritated by it, as I initially thought that I would eventually become. The backing vocals, be they male or female, are quite tasteful and often occur in a repetition of the chorus, proudly belting out catchy lines without pause or mercy.

“Outshine The Sun” really only conforms somewhat to the mold of modern power metal in general, and places on display a lot of hard rock and heavy metal riffs, all gussied up in a sleek package. While the first couple of tracks along with the most excellent “Morning Star” are easily the highlights of the album, the vast majority is consistent enough to hold up to the standards of most interested parties. This is a clever, slick, and dynamic new entry onto the scene, and I applaud Neonfly’s significant efforts.

Daniel’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5