One Machine – The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth

March 7, 2014 in Reviews by Kylie

Distortion Of LiesOne Machine – The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth (2014)

Reviewed by Kylie McInnes

Oh boy, groovy half-thrash with awful vocals! Where do I begin? With an apology to whatever deity I offended recently? If wiffle is the abyss of thrash, groove is its ugly fraternal twin.

As soon as you push “play” on the opening title track, you’re slammed with pretty much the essence of this album: down-tuned groove riffs, quad-time unnecessary double bass, and “Hey! Look at me!” random guitar leads. Oh yeah, and Mikkel Sandager’s terrible Tim Owens impression. This isn’t the first time I’ve blindly spun an album and thought, “Boy, Ripper sure needs to practice before he heads into the studio,” and found out that it’s just someone who wants to sound like Ripper but just can’t scream in key.

Aside from the musical performances (which are technically very good), there aren’t many nice things I have to say about One Machine’s debut. I was genuinely bored listening to this; it’s rare that a thrash album (even groove thrash) will have that effect on me, but I couldn’t even stomach this album in one sitting (the best I could do was the first three songs and then I had to take a sanity break every other track). There are just too many down-tempo riffs that plod along like a drunk during a field sobriety test in an earthquake intersected by Steve “The Other Guitarist From Nevermore” Smyth’s random sweep-picked licks. Maybe there is someone out there that would think this is a good combination, but I am not that someone. This doesn’t stem from my general distaste of proggier power or thrash either, it’s just a mess.

There isn’t even that one “hey, this song manages to not suck!” song here. I seriously couldn’t find an agreeable riff in here. I’ll totally admit my bias here because I just don’t like groove thrash (even as much as I love Exodus, I don’t care for The Atrocity Exhibition and The Human Condition, either). This is pretty much everything I don’t like about modern thrash; there’s too much chugging and not enough thrashing.

1.0 // 5