Onslaught – VI

October 23, 2013 in Reviews by Kylie


Onslaught – VI (2013)

Reviewed by Kylie McInnes

By now, readers should be aware of my intense love of thrash. However, I’m generally not as much of a fan of the British variety as I am of American (Bay Area or East Coast styles) and German thrash. Onslaught really doesn’t pique my interests as much as they should. Granted, they’re a former hardcore punk band and still have a lot of that sound, especially in the vocals and lyrics (even though only rhythm guitarist Nige Rockett remains from that era).

There are a few really great tracks here, although I simply have far too hard of a time really getting into this one (which is rare…thrash generally takes almost no effort for me to enjoy the crap out of). “Chaos Is King” opens the album with a serious onslaught of riffage, managing to sound like a hybrid of Kreator and Death Angel rather than the typical Venom-esque Brit thrash sound. “Fuel For My Fire” and “Dead Man Walking” are also major winners here. More great fast thrash riffs, an abundance of barks, and great drumming as well.

The rest of the album, however, feels a bit too “thrash by numbers,” particularly “66Fuckin’6” (come on guys, this was cliché by 1986). I tried not to let my own personal socio-political views get in the way of the generic religion bashing “Children Of The Sand” (more Islamophobic than anything, though) and “Cruci-Fiction” (which sounds like a title of a bad leftover from Exodus’s Tempo Of The Damned). Whatever. There are plenty of great pro- and anti-religion songs out there, but yeah, I’m just not a fan of targeted hatred and violence (coming from someone who loves Kreator’s “Enemy Of God” and “Death To The World,” this is a bit of situational irony, no?), and it makes trying to get into some lukewarm thrash riffing that much more difficult. It’s that fine line between Exodus’s “friendly violent fun” and “let’s kill those guys!” that I just can’t get into, even if this were the second coming of Darkness Descends.

All in all, it’s competent Brit thrash that is a bit too much of a walking “Thrash Metal Tropes” album for its own good. If you’re into that, you might like this more than I did. For my own tastes, there’s far better thrash that’s come out recently to really bother with this.

3.0 // 5