Raising Fear – Eternal Creed

March 14, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Raising Fear
Eternal Creed

Now here’s a band that’s been around for a little while that I’d wager most haven’t heard of. A couple of years ago, I acquired both albums from this band, and recently have put my hands on Eternal Creed, the latest release from these Italian power metallers. I remember this as a very quiet release, and that I’ve seen precious little press surrounding Raising Fear up to this point. I feel that, at this point in their careers, the band merits a bit more buzz than it seems to receive.

Raising Fear manages to mix up its songs into two general buckets: fast power/speed along the lines of older Helloween, and some slower but more impressive tracks with a bit more substance to them that fall more into the prog/power category. Opener “The Chosen One” is reasonably good, but really lacks anything truly worthwhile. In “Lords Of Orion”, the band flashes a bit of the potential that they’ll capitalize on in later tracks like “Amon Ra”. While they never truly succeed in accomplishing real originality or creating enough of their own sound enough to disregard comparison to various other acts, Eternal Creed is, by my estimation, strong enough in its own right to attract the attention of those who seek out this niche of power/speed.

The guitar work here is never terribly varied, but has a very pleasant crunch to it, and enough interesting riffs to keep me mildly entertained with relative consistency. The vocals are routinely rough-edged and aggressive enough to fit the style of music like a glove, and it is only when Rob Della Frera swings up into the high register that I feel he’s a subpar vocalist. “Amon Ra” is possibly the finest track on the album, and I think that it suffers only from Frera’s less than stellar high vocal performance.

I’m aware that Eternal Creed is part three in a series of concept/story albums that the band have crafted regarding a main character by the name of Wolfram. However, I haven’t lyrics for any of the cds, nor do I have the patience to attempt to riddle out every word that Frera’s tongue recites, especially since they are further encrypted at times by his Italian accent. Clearly, however, the focus is upon a fantasy/historical fantasy story which I have no opinion upon at present.

Worthy of your time if you’re a completist, Eternal Creed is otherwise bound to gather dust on the shelf of the run-of-the-mill power metal fan. It just doesn’t stand out besides a couple of “pretty good” tracks, despite the technical proficiencies of the band. Without a gifted hand shaping the composition, this is the sort of music that most fans are familiar with, and that many find formulaic and without true inspiration.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0 out of 5