Replosion – The Resting Place Of Illusion

October 19, 2012 in Reviews by Chris Foley


The Resting Place Of Illusion

I don’t think the day will ever come when I tire of hearing new Italian power metal acts. I take great enjoyment in both seeking out new bands and releases, as well as when they just fall into my lap. I stumbled upon Replosion by surprise during a Youtube mission, finding videos of their drummer playing along to some of their songs, which was enough to prompt further investigation.

Here we have Replosion’s debut release The Resting Place Of Illusion, which is a good, albeit flawed slice of Italian prog power. The band takes their cues from the likes of Vision Divine and Secret Sphere, as well as adding touches of more straight up prog acts such as Dream Theater or Vanden Plas to boot. The sound on the album is reasonably clear and well done, especially considering this is an independent release. With the drums coming through vibrantly, and the guitars featuring a crisp tone which is ideal. The overall mix is quality too, with a respectable balance between instruments.

Looking at some of the negative issues featured on The Resting Place Of Illusion, I’ve found the vocals to be the weakest aspect of the band. The singer sounds like a budget version of Michelle Luppi. You know, like one of those cheap Transformer rip-offs your Dad would pick up for you from a garage on a trip. Couple this with a thick accent and some laughable vocal lines and things can certainly get awry. It’s not bad per se, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t affect the overall score. The guy has potential, but the vocal lines could do with a little more work. (Take a look at around 1:50 of the otherwise-awesome title track and prepare to cringe).

The music itself is largely quite good however, and the performances themselves are bordering on great. The drums are actually one of the standout factors on The Resting Place Of Illusion, which is somewhat of a rarity, and I really appreciate the change-ups and fills throughout. The keyboards sound great too, and have that ace prog metal feel which Kevin Moore totally wrote the book on. Overall, Replosion’s debut release is a pretty cool album that should be at least heard by progressive power metal fans. The first half of the album is particularly sweet and there’s this certain quirky, goofy feel which I’ve found rather charming. Take a listen to tracks such as “Your Shame”, “Turn The Page” or the title track for a good example of this. Worth a listen!

Chris’ rating 3.25 out of 5