Running Wild – Resilient

November 12, 2013 in Reviews by Arno Callens

Running Wild - ResilientRunning Wild – Resilient (2013)

Reviewed by Arno Callens

Resilient. If nothing else, Running Wild is that. Stubborn or Headstrong would have been equally worthy alternatives. Two years after the German metal pirates ran the Jolly Roger back up the mast, Rock ‘n’ Rolf ‘n’ crew are on their thirteenth album, which proves that Jack Sparrow doesn’t stay in Davy Jones’ locker for long. While the first post-resurrection release, Shadowmaker, barely justified the band’s renewed existence, Resilient does a much better job at ushering Running Wild into its renaissance.

Which isn’t to say Resilient reinvents the steering wheel (more nautical puns to follow), rather, it finds a more comfortable current (told you) to sail by than the often shaky Shadowmaker. “Soldiers Of Fortune” and “Adventure Highway” are the sort of tunes that would be filler on Pile Of Skulls or Masquerade, but those in for another bout of Death Or Glory should’ve left Running Wild for dead. Instead, we have a pleasant rock ‘n’ roll vibe with Rock ‘n’ Rolf’s voice to give it that distinct buccaneering touch.

Not much stands out – “Desert Rose”, maybe – but what sets this album apart is the epic closer “Bloody Island”. Comparisons with that other island will be rife, but for a latter day Running Wild tune, “Bloody Island” is a blast. From a cannon. Which goes to show Rock ‘n’ Rolf is still at his most comfortable on the seven seas caught in a storm somewhere between Port Royal and Tortuga. As long as the thirst for rum remains in the German Pirate King, our thirst for a new Running Wild classic shall remain unquenched.

Against a towering discography such as Running Wild’s, Resilient may look pale, but judge it on its own and you may find it’s not bad for a semi-retired privateer. Captain Rolf is making the rounds, threading the waters he knows best, and enjoying himself all along. Who can blame him if some of that spark rubs off on us, and for a moment we feel like hoisting the skull and bones once more. Aye, one can have no doubt that my love for Running Wild is still Resilient.

3.5 // 5