Seed of Sadness – Seed of Sadness

November 6, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal

Seed of Sadness
Seed of Sadness

In 2011, an accidental phone call between guitarist Jimmy Nore and bassist Mike G was the catalyst for the start of the Greek quartet Seed of Sadness.  After adding contralto singer Stellaria to their line-up, as well as drummer Johnny K, the band recently released their self-titled EP.

Seed of Sadness plays a brand of melodic metal with some simple but pleasant symphonic sections reminiscent of older Nightwish or Visions of Atlantis, though I think their style overall is closer to the later rather than the former.  The music is fast, jumpy, and sort of catchy, with strong piano arrangements  performed on the album by Bob Katsionis of Firewind. Katsionis also mixed the CD, and production-wise, I have to say that he did a very good job because the quality is top-notch.

But how does the album itself measure up?  There are five tracks on this EP, so it’s a little more difficult to write a review when you have less material to review than a normal LP would have on it.  Musically, this band has good bones.  The guitars are competent, and the keys more than competent.  The strongest song, in my opinion, is “One Man’s Dream”; it’s the catchiest on the album and it features an epic guitar and synth duel that was very enjoyable to listen to.

Stellaria’s vocals are powerful, very powerful.  She’s a pretty good belter with a style reminiscent of 1980s rock or hard rock female vocalists.  But, unfortunately, or perhaps because of that similarity of style, I found her vocals to be a bit on the generic side.  There was nothing that special about them aside from their power.

Which is how I can generally sum up the CD: it’s a bit generic and milquetoast.  It don’t think it really offers anything new to the genre, and even though I like some of the songs, nothing really stood out to me as exceptional or worthy of more spinning.  While I think the band has good bones, as I said earlier, and while their sound is quite polished, I think they need a bit more time to develop something unique and potent.  I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Allyson’s rating: 2.o/5