Sorronia – Words Of Silence

October 28, 2013 in Reviews by blackwindmetal


SorroniaWords of Silence (2013)

Reviewed by Allyson Kenning

So once upon a time there was a band from Hungary named Thristana, which was formed in 2011 by vocalist Anna Király and keyboardist István Biró.  They put out a 3-song EP called Devil’s Destiny.  I bought it off iTunes as I liked what I heard: it sounded promising. Lo and behold, for reasons I cannot find, the band changed its name to Sorronia in 2012, and in January of this year, they released its first new song from their upcoming album, Words of Silence, which included a video for “Enemy of Yourself.”  In July, they signed on with Bakerteam Records, a label that is associated with Scarlet Records and that has put out a lot of great up-and-coming stuff from all over the place. As of yet, there is no posted release date for Words Of Silence, but since I’m reviewing a promo from the label, one can only assume that it’s soon.

Sorronia’s sound is quite heavily symphonic, featuring lots of orchestral stuff along with the typical heavy guitar, though it’s not the most bombastic music I’ve heard in the genre.  It’s actually pretty laid back symphonic metal, with most songs being mid-tempo in speed, but accented with lots of nice vocal melodies and very competent guitar work performed by László “Hümér” Szabó.  The songs are generally well-composed and pleasant to listen to, with the odd choir arrangement here and there.  As for lyrical themes, I cannot comment, as I wasn’t provided with lyrics.

While vocalist Anna has a pretty voice and she performs well on the CD, she didn’t really shine in this near as much as she did on the Thristana EP, which I felt showed off more of her power and range, and had a bit more stylistic flare.  On Words Of Silence, she comes off as a little flat and un-dynamic. Her English is quite accented too, and I found it hard to understand what she was singing at times.

The album has its moments; “Enemy of Yourself” is a decent song, as is “Shattered.” Another song I liked was “My Eternal Land”.  But all in all, I found this CD lacking in energy, emotion, magnetism, and good hooks. I enjoyed listening to it the four times I spun it, but afterwards I couldn’t really remember anything outstanding when all was said and done.

I think there are a lot of strong elements on Words Of Silence, the guitar work and the drumming most notably.  But I unfortunately think this CD fell quite flat in the end due to numerous aforementioned omissions.  For a debut album, it’s not bad, and this is a young band: hopefully they will only improve with time and maturity.

2.5 // 5