Striker – Armed To The Teeth

August 25, 2012 in Reviews by Kylie

Armed To The Teeth

I think by now that everyone knows that my love for raw, unadulterated speed metal is my soft spot. Throw in some great riffs, and you have my full attention. Edmonton, Alberta’s Striker just got my full attention. Their second full-length album, Armed To The Teeth, is chock full of great speed/US power-styled metal goodness. Vocalist Dan Cleary even does his damnedest to emulate Harry Conklin from Jag Panzer, even if his voice is a bit higher than The Tyrant’s.

Forever” kicks off the album with one hell of a bang. The combination of riffs, vocals, and catchy singalong choruses harkens to both Keepers Of The Seven Keys and Ample Destruction. The production is very clean and sharp, bringing out the vocals and guitars to the forefront. “Let It Burn” follows, and is another quality piece of catchy speed metal. “Lethal Force” is more Defenders Of The Faith-era Judas Priest sounding than it is Helloween; it’s a great mid-tempo fist pumper. The bizarrely titled “It Could Be Worse” is actually my favorite cut here; it’s more great Priest-worship with a great chorus and some great riffs.

Everything fits the bill of “great speed metal song,” although “Land Of The Lost” loses me with the obtuse off-time clean riff that has seemingly been punched in from another dimension. I can’t really complain about anything though; the riffs, solos, drumming, and vocals are all high quality, and these guys really have their act together. This is an incredibly fun album, and holy crap, I’d even buy it just for the album cover!

 Kylie’s rating: 4.25 out of 5