Anthrax – For All Kings

January 3, 2017 in Reviews

anthrax-for-all-kings-2016AnthraxFor All Kings (2016)

Reviewed by Sebastian Kluth

For All Kings is Anthrax’s newest studio release, and it is very similar to predecessor Worship Music. This album is very diverse, melodic, and modern. Let me explain what that actually means. From melodic alternative rock anthems to mean thrash metal stompers with a solid dose of punk spirit both musically and lyrically, this album summarizes almost everything the band has tried out in its career, but also adds fresh enthusiasm and consistently high quality song writing. This may also be the band’s most accessible album to date. New guitarist Jonathan Donais really shines here, and adds a modern and catchy approach to the thrash metal legend. I must also point out Joey Belladonna’s energizing and surprisingly youthful-sounding vocal performance. He has always been my favourite singer of this band, and his gifted vocals distinguish Anthrax from other genre acts who have charismatic but ultimately less technically talented performers. The Native American frontman delivers what I think is his best career performance so far on this output. For All Kings can be called modern because the production is precise, but not polished. Some songs on this album have traditional heavy and thrash metal sounds that should please the more conservative fans of the band, but those who liked the band’s more experimental phase during the nineties might also find a few interesting passages here and there, though this is only a subcategory on this record. On the whole, this album offers a great deal of catchy, short, and conventional alternative rock and metal that I could see getting mainstream radio airplay if the band were considered more popular. For All Kings would actually be a very appropriate album for younger audiences to discover the world of metal music.

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