Tarantula – Spiral Of Fear

August 16, 2012 in Reviews by Kylie

Tarantula - Spiral of Fear

Spiral Of Fear

For a band that’s been around since 1981 and has eight full-length studio albums under their belt, this looks a lot like a college band’s debut! Stock photo, simple layout… Well, looks can be deceiving.

The first impression I got from the music was that Black Sabbath had made Load with Tony Martin. It’s pretty heavy and riff-based, bridging the gap between hard rock and metal. For those who read my reviews, you all know how much I love a good riff. Well, Spiral Of Fear isn’t at a loss for riffs, although the first half of the album tends to be a bit too “groovy” for my taste. “Who You Really Are” has a killer Priest-style Sabbath-feeling riff set, and is probably my favorite on the album. Guitarist Paulo Barras pulls out some great leads that really fit the music, as well. Not a lot of progressive neo-classical shredding here, but there are some nods to Tony Iommi and Glenn Tipton.

Title track “Spiral Of Fear” also has another great rock riff that even reverberates some echos of early Motörhead. “Blind Ambition” is a bit more uptempo, and more great riffs. “Afterlife” and “Vultures” continue in the vein of faster songs before “Hope” closes out the album with a bit of power ballad goodness.

Vocalist Jorge Marques has a tinge of Andi Deris in his voice, (take from that what you will) adding to the vibe you’d expect from an 80s traditional metal band. All in all, Spiral Of Fear is a slab of straightforward rockin’ metal with enough variety to never really get boring the way a lot of more “rock” bands can.

 Kylie’s rating: 3.5 out of 5