Teramaze – AnhedoniA

July 24, 2012 in Reviews by Dagg


I could do with the existence of more bands like Teramaze. By my internal logic, I should love thrash metal, and I from time to time will enjoy small doses, but I frequently find myself leaving unfufilled on a total level. While heaviness is in no short supply, the music still feels vapid and unrealized. Teramaze suffers no such drawbacks in their progressive metal approach to the genre on the positively fantastic AnhedoniA.

Since my earliest introductions to progressive metal, I’ve always been a fan of strong syncopation, and while I normally wouldn’t go into stuff like that in a review, the syncopation on AnhedoniA is downright amazing and I LOVE it. Teramaze is every bit as heavy and aggressive as most thrash metal, and with the relative complexity of the composition, variety in approach, and excellence of execution, listeners won’t be left disappointed.

As far as melodies go, I can’t name a single song on the album that didn’t keep me enthralled, but I can name several that went above and beyond that I absolutely loved. Those being the title track “Anhedonia”, as well as “Through the Madness” and “Black Circles”.
I can’t admit to being a terribly good listener when it comes to lyrics, so I know many great lyrical works have passed without my notice. On the flip side, many terrible lyrics have failed to ruin otherwise great music. In the case of AnhedoniA though, I had to suspend my usual approaches, because seriously what the heck does “Anhedonia” mean? Turns out, its when the brain stops being able to find satisfaction in activities normally for the purpose of finding pleasure. That in mind, the lyrics of the title track really did stand out to me, and I can’t say I was the least bit disappointed.

AnhedoniA is an expertly crafted amalgamation of progressive, thrash, and melodic metal, with an excellent vocal performance and a diverse and well executed group of songs, and I’ll be honest, if any of that sounds interesting, you have no excuse not to have this album

Dagg’s Rating: 4.0 out of 5