The Kandidate – Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death

January 16, 2012 in Reviews by blackwindmetal


The Kandidate
Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death

Once again I get to show yet another side to my diverse and sometimes surprising (not to mention controversial) taste in metal. Normally, you certainly wouldn’t expect a fan of symphonic metal or cheesy power metal to like The Kandidate, a no-nonsense, straight-to-the point death/thrash band with a very modern take on the two genres. But then, I guess it’s my job to endlessly surprise people with all the totally incompatible albums I can enjoy. It turns out, Facing The Imminent Prospect of Death, the second release from this Danish band, manages to fit in nicely with my tastes in thrash metal, and delivers an exhilarating ride from start to finish.

Instead of a typical intro track, “Death” serves more as a teaser (and indeed the band has used it as such in a trailer for the album), with some dissonant guitar chords that slowly build tension until vocalist Jacob Bredah makes his first brief appearance. The way is paved for the much faster “Beyond the Mind, Sleep You’ll Find”, which is a great indication of what to expect from the album. As far the album’s status as a hybrid goes, it definitely leans more towards thrash, with the explosive riffs and vocals being the main highlights. Most of the songs are rather fast-paced, occasionally slowing down for the more brutal death metal sections, and these parts are where the vocals are at their best.

In a lot of bands Jacob Bredah would be a bit irritating with his very angry and aggressive style of semi-harsh vocals, but he fits in very well with the overall sound of the album. I’d say he could best be described as a somewhat core-ish version of Tom Araya, as he does sound a bit similar at points. His screams are at their best during the choruses of “Total War” and the intense closer “The Knife Spits”.

The Kandidate certainly doesn’t mess around. The album consists of 11 songs and is barely over 31 minutes, with “Let the Maggots Have it” being the longest at just a bit under 4 minutes. Needless to say, the songs all move rather quickly and never overstay their welcome, though at the same time they all feel fully developed. Like most albums of this kind, actually picking a favorite song is difficult. Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death is more about the overall feel, plus the occasional big moment, and not about the overall quality of individual songs. With that being said, the slow, crushing riffs along with the already described angry screams of “Total War” make that probably my favorite. The songs do feel different enough though, and there aren’t any sections I did not enjoy. I will say that anyone who has a problem with profane lyrics should definitely avoid this, as there is quite a bit of that here, and even an “f word” in one of the song titles (typing the full name out here would just seem wrong).

Overall, Facing The Imminent Prospect of Death is an aggressive, explosive, and very fast-paced album that may lack a bit in originality, but delivers strongly when it comes to pure entertainment. One of the more enjoyable death/thrash albums I’ve listened to.

Travis Green’s Rating: 3.75 out of 5